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​RSGoldFast - Why is Mobilising Armies still in game

Sep-16-2018 PST

Quick bluster about mobilising armies, one of my final trim atone requirements. Aboriginal off, no one plays off spotlight, and spotlights alone action already every few months.

Thus, it is about absurd to accomplish rank advance except during a abbreviate 3 day period.

I can of advance ask my accompany for help, which I did. Abominably there is a tutorial that they charge to go through in adjustment to play.

Normally a tutorial would be a acceptable thing, but in this tutorial key pieces such as their troops disappear.

Mobilising armies is an abundantly torn section of bold content. It has anachronous rewards, anachronous graphics, and torn arena mechanics.

The alone humans who play are those attempting to complete an achievement, and they do so by suiciding as apprenticed as accessible in matches.

Nobody plays MA for fun, because it is not fun. This minigame needs to be removed or decidedly repaired.

Mobilising armies is a lot of fun, I play it on every spotlight, while it does accept its bugs, it's still a part of the a lot of fun one can accept in runescape, it's a abashment they haven't approved to fix it more.

Some baby fixes for troops I accept found, - beat a troop on top(regardless of if you see it) will acquiesce you to move it around. Moving the camera to the ancillary will sometimes acknowledge units.

Also, bequest applicant works abundant bigger for both this and conquest(which has abounding of the aforementioned problems. But again, is a lot of fun.)

Both amateur charge to be brought up to date for playability or scrapped entirely. Mobilising Armies and Acquisition are ashamed and abject in their accepted accompaniment but could be abundant more.

You say you adore both games, so I ask you, what would you do to accompany these to a fun and playable state. I anticipate they charge added than a bit of bug fixes and Superior of action updates.

The a lot of acceptable aftereffect seems to be the closing abatement of MA. The fate of Acquisition is ambiguous at best.

Mini amateur were actual accepted 10-12 years ago, but amateur focus for a ample allocation of the playerbase has confused from mini amateur and goofing off to min/maxing ability on any action you do.