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RSGoldFast - Why do not adventure alternation in actuality end anymore


RSGoldFast - Why do not adventure alternation in actuality end anymore

What's the accord with the contempo trend of quests catastrophe on some cliche "To be continued...?" note? Afterwards all this allocution about Unfinished Business? it's in actuality abstract to me that every added adventure continues to accept some advance in to addition adventure that may or may not anytime be written.

Silske's Endgame didn't in actuality boldness abundant of anything. The Dragonkin are still a blackmail (possibly even added so afterwards the Stone to authority them back), there's no complete acumen for any of the gods to not abide clashing with eachother, and the writers couldn't even cull through with in actuality killing Sliske.

Now we accept the end of the Charlatan series, and already afresh complete little gets resolved. Rabid Jack is still alive, and his "departure" isn't even cryptic like the Fairy Godfather's; we're collapsed out told he'll be aback afresh this time.

As abhorrent as Madame Shih was as a character, she was in fact right: all they did was stop yet addition advance out of what will allegedly be abounding more.

What action did Rabid Jack in actuality charge to serve post-defeat? Would it in actuality accept been that harder to appear up with a beginning abstraction for an adversary affiliated to Xau-Tak?

Then there's Madame Shih herself, who seems to actualize all the issues I accept with this, as she serves in actuality no purpose added than to advance into new content.

We didn't in actuality charge her boat, coins Teach has a boat, we accept a boat, the complete alternation takes abode in an breadth abounding with characters who should all accept boats.

Madame Shih does annihilation over the advance of the adventure added than allocution about how in actuality badass she is and afresh anon contradicts all her boasting by accepting advised like a babe in ache center through.

The complete purpose abaft her admittance is so that she can leave us with a coy "Maybe we'll accept added adventures in the Eastern Lands?;)" line, like we're not still 1/8th of the way into the Wushanko Isles with the blow of the breadth on broad hiatus.

It feels like River of Claret was the endure adventure to in actuality try to blanket things up (even if there are still areas in Morytania that accept like they charge to be fixed), while every adventure aback has been about advancing for whatever is next down the band ad infinitum.

In 20 years if we face the Elder Gods I'm abiding Jas will be stomped out OSRS gold by a abstruse third party, and afresh we'll apprentice that the accurate blackmail was the Elder Elder Gods all along.

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