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RSGoldFast - What would you admonish for afk combat

May-23-2018 PST

I am acquisitive to get some admonition on afk combat, RS gold and achieve some money on the side. affray gear: drl and abounding bandos. Abracadabra gear: cywir baton and virtus book, abounding subjug. Ambit gear: glaives, abounding armadyl.

I acquire seedicide, imp, bonecrusher, t80 chaplet for abating adoration points, animation cleaner 9000, herbicide.

Stats: 99 magic, 95 def, 92 range, 85 att, 88 str, 99 summ, 95 adjure with blame unlocked.

Other equipment: lotd, ring of vigour, angelic wrench, amulet of souls, allegorical pet, complete ovl, attract aura, and i ahead absolution as able-bodied (if not, i ahead 61k adherence credibility will be abundant to acquiesce it).

All armour and weapons acquire perks, but not the the best ones probably. Can allegedly about-face out a bit if necessary.

I acquire about 9m cash, but i'd rather accumulate that intact, aback amulet of souls aching my accessory already enough. But if all-important i can absorb it if the investment will achieve added money with combat.

Abyss - absolute AFK action training, abundant xp/hr, not profitable.

- Melee: EoC, AoE-centered adeptness circling with Revolution, halberd weapon (including carve and scythe).

- Ranged: Legacy, chins (mech button if you're fancy).

- Magic: Legacy, claret battery (shadow battery aswell works, but you'll charge to get a bit of added healing about else).

- Claret necklace, for healing.

- Bunyip, for auto healing.

- EEE, for healing.

- Charming Imp, for acrimonious up charms (abyssal charms should be accustomed to the imp, as they do not stack).

- Cannons, helps a bit but can be a bit big-ticket for some.

- Scavenging advantage (preferably 3), you'll get an complete fuckton of apparatus over time, including attenuate apparatus already in a while.

Abyss is simple and absolute afk. You don't even charge adoration or food, you can survive as continued as you wsnt with a claret chaplet with your stats.

It's about 550k-600k xp an hour in whatever action carbon you're training, not including xp you get in constitution. It aswell has no requirements. However, you will not achieve any money. I got all my action stats to 99 this was. Was absolute quick an I in actuality alone had to bang to not get logged out and get my aggro aback every 10 account by active about for a few seconds. I aswell watched lots and lots of apparel episodes at the aforementioned time.

Best afk action + money would allegedly be abbysal demons, but you charge 85 slayer(visit page), physique breach and alluringly an attuned ectoplasmator and adoration necklace, or you'll be watching you're adoration so not as afk (maybe absolution would work? Never approved it, but you'll be bound time astute because of the air-conditioned down).