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RSGoldFast - What motivates bodies to pk

Mar-28-2018 PST

I'm not OP, but I do aswell adulation PKing. Why? What motivates bodies to pk these days? It's altered for everyone.

Personally I like a lot of things about it. One affair is the absolute activating attributes of it, I never in actuality apperceive what will happen. I could run in to one of the a lot of arduous PKers I've anytime faced, I could run in to anyone who I feel like I'm on even basement with. I could get a in actuality acceptable combo, or just be arena bigger than accepted and get a big kill. I could get a advantageous boodle from anyone who anticipation it was a acceptable abstraction to accompany tens of millions in to the agrarian or just has a lot of boodle on them.

When anyone runs or fights aback able-bodied - I anticipate that's the best part. I adulation cerebration about all the altered things. If anyone runs it's about managing coinsow and barge decently, to break on them. I allegation to aswell use morrigan's axe at the adapted time to accomplish abiding they can't run too much, and I allegation to amaze them as abundant as I can (not just decay it on their anticipation/freedom). I allegation to anticipate about some switches, are design bolts bigger adjoin this guy or dragon?

When it's accession PKer, it's a lot about maximizing my affairs of killing them and surviving. Is this guy anyone I apperceive has a big accumulation of people? If they are, I allegedly shouldn't stick about too continued because even if I win I adeptness just end up dying to one of their friends. Can I allow to teleport block them even if it takes like 5+ casts? What about morrigan's axe - is it annual the 50% adrenaline or will they just bake me out if I absorb so abundant of my time focused just on that? How continued am I TB'd for? How continued are they TB'd for? How alarming are they? Do I allegation to reflect, debilitate? Can I go for a big, crazy admixture or would they just yield advantage of that and bang my ass?

I allegation to administer my arresting abilities well, freedom/anticipation are in actuality key to adaptation and if both are down I could calmly die to a combo, so I allegation to be befitting myself topped up, accede application some defensives, be accessible to spam brews like crazy while I'm stunned. Similarly I allegation to clue their arresting abilities very, absolute able-bodied or I'm just not traveling to annihilate them.

I could go on and on, but the point is - there's so abundant circuitous and activating gameplay here.

When it comes to PKing runecrafters specifically, it's a abundant simpler affair but still can be fun - it comes down to a DPS chase and absolute bound movement management. I allegation to use all the best abilities for the situation, I allegation to break close abundant to them that they can't just bastard abaft a timberline (and appropriately out of ambit of my attacks) and so on.

Of course, a lot of the time it's just some guy who isn't paying absorption and that's a bit of fun because of the mystery, the activating attributes of loot. They adeptness accept a atone cape, a ROTS shield, or just a absurd bulk of runes in their inventory.

I get asleep all the time for 20k annual of Dragon Bones at the Chaos Altar.

I anticipate a lot of bodies accept this mindset, "I'm risking 20K, why the hell is anyone killing me?" but so abounding added bodies aren't risking 20K, they're risking 200K, 2000K, or 20000K.

And every time I can't advice but anticipate that person's time would be bigger spent elsewhere. I mean, with your stats, accessory and allowances absolutely you could be accepting a nice GP/Hr accomplishing top end content.

A lot of bodies could be accomplishing Telos or AOD but they don't because they artlessly adore accomplishing something like Vind more, or Helwyr, or y'know - something easier, and beneath GP/hour, or just something with a altered array of gameplay that appeals in some appropriate way.

I anticipate that aggravating to appearance it as GP/hour accepting the a lot of important agency would be silly, I mean, it's not even like PKing is abhorrent money either. We see OP authoritative 14M/hour accomplishing this, afterwards all.

But you're killing skillers. And not abounding action aback so I can't brainstorm it's that agreeable or challenging?

I categorical how it can be fun, so I will not echo all that.

As for challenge, it can be arduous and in a absolute altered array of way - if you appointment anyone who is acceptable at artifice you allegation to yield a lot of accomplishments to anticipate that escape and sometimes you don't succeed.

Sometimes the guy artifice is just too acceptable and sometimes they're not even aggravating to escape they're affronted aback and they are blame your ass, y'know? I mean, hellfire bow abnormally can accomplish a PVMer crazily authentic and basically one mistake can leave you dead.

Sometimes you run in to added PKers and that all-overs things up. Arresting yourself adjoin a accomplished and able-bodied geared PKer can be in actuality harder too, all-overs to say.

More important conceivably is that so abounding bodies action monsters that affectation no claiming whatsoever, so abounding alternation abilities that accept no abort state. At the end of the day, claiming is generally not what bodies are searching for.

Unless your absolute appetite is just to affliction people?

For some that absolutely is the goal, but not anybody and usually that's not the abandoned acumen even for bodies who do adore pissing others off OSRS gold.

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