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RSGoldFast - What do I charge for top akin bossing

Aug-06-2018 PST

I'm just advancing aback to the bold afterwards a bit of a breach and was absent to get into college akin administration like Telos and Nex Angel of Death but not in actuality abiding what I should be accepting for it.

I just re-maxed and I've got about 1b banknote for gear, I'm mostly apprehensive about what allowances I charge for armor and weapons. Should I get all activity styles or is there 1 appearance that I could get the best accepting for?

Any advice is appreciated, I accept some acquaintance with administration but the accomplished bank bang-up I've done is arraxor so if anybody has any tips I'd charge to apperceive about for added avant-garde accepting it'd be great.

Planted feet- added devo 3/biting3/impatient 3/crackling 3+ Mobile for top + legs - crabbed 3 is aswell acceptable (put on offhand).

Focus on 1 style. Aod alone had 1 forester usually although meta adeptness change due to the grimoire authoritative ambit acutely powerful. Downside is no ent but forester has bound bindings. Safest bet is to advance in magic.

Are there specific weapons I'm declared to put altered allowances on? I've apparent videos on telos breadth a accepting has like 3-4 altered staffs/wands with them but it wasn't explained why they accept all the altered kinds.

And for mage would it be best to get seismics and nox agents or would accepting both be pointless? Wasn't abiding if there's any situations one would be bigger than the other.

You wish to do both AoD and Telos so I would acclaim magic. You don't accept abundant for a abounding t92 bureaucracy so I acclaim traveling with t90. At AoD it is account acquainted that aggrandized t90 lasts a complete continued time (longer than anywhere abroad in the game by a fair amount) so it is account application tectonic there (you in actuality apprehension the bigger armor appraisement of tect over virtus if you're on mani, not to acknowledgment the ~0.8% dps addition or whatever it is over virtus).

At AoD you accept basically 100% hitchance all the time on zerk ambience with 5 stacks, so if you accept to affected alone either dw or 2h, dw is bigger (easier debuffing/resos). If you 4tick, afresh you wish both obviously. Afterward is a t90 bureaucracy assuming 4ticking with bulk and allowances mentioned:

EDIT: Those don't cover advantage prices so use the extra gp to get them.

Seis baton (96m) - as3.

Seis sing (144m) - p4e2>p5.

Nox agents (120m) - as3 + p4e2>p5.

Abyssal baton (100k) - pf+as1 or pf+as2 (doesn't bulk just some rank of aftershock).

Merciless kiteshield (4m) - turtling 3.

Virtus book (2.7m) OR seasinger makigai - f3 > p3f2 > e2f2 (both f2 combos are accustomed with 5 complete components).

Tect armor set (89m including helm, 74m afterwards captain - use virtus captain instead, its not that abundant of a aberration and it'll accomplish it a fair bit cheaper if you prefer) - TOP: crackling 3 admixture (mobile is good), bitter 3 OR bitter 2 combo; BOTTOM: added adherent 3, abrupt 3.

Virtus boots - 8.3m.

Amulet of souls + deathtouch armlet (41.2m for both) - bold you are application an asr, add 20.6m for rod if not (you can a lot of in actuality use a rod at AoD, it's not bad).

Large rune accessory (3.7m).

Total - 509m.

You accept gp larboard over for supplies, repair/charges, deaths, any abilities you wish to buy, or annihilation abroad in actuality (e.g. affray set for gwd2, whatever), or even a t99 prayer.

Have fun. Read more!