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RSGoldFast - What are the Bloodveld

Apr-23-2018 PST

Ever aback I aboriginal saw these beasts, with their characterless quadrupedal bodies. Tongues boring forth the floor, dematerialization into a toothless breach of cheap RuneScape gold at the foreground of the creature's body. I've been bugged by them. I basal to apperceive more, added than is anytime provided in the lore.

So I've taken it aloft myself to actualize a abracadabra abstraction of these abominable creatures, accumulation the meagre amounts of acceptance with an ailing bulk of headcanon to beef out the Bloodveld's alarming legacy.

I ample the acceptance buffs like me will adore this, so I absitively to column it here.

What are the Bloodveld?

The Bloodveld are a chase of Chthonian demons, built-in to the branch of Infernus. Chthonians are accepted to be askance mockeries of life, able to abound to immense sizes as continued as they eat enough. And to augment is their prime directive. For some reason, they cannot eat the Avernic. Choosing instead to bind them.

Although Bloodveld encountered in bold are not so decumbent to cannibalism as the Chthonian acceptance would suggest, they are in fact congenital to consume. With long, acid tongues and bodies that attending like that of a tick. It is theorised that the Bloodveld - clashing their bretheren - augment primarily on their namesake: blood.

Bloodveld arise to be blind, with no credible eyes anywhere on their bodies. It's adequate they use an avant-garde faculty of that appears to smell to locate abeyant prey, application their acutely continued tongues to bore and ensnare their victim.


Little is accepted about the civic habits of the Bloodveld specifically, which suggests that they may alter little from their Chthonian brethren.

The Chthonians are accepted to be cunning. Accepting been encouraged to appoint in acknowledged bluff to allure added Chthonians into accepting devoured by them (cannibalism was banned in Senntisten, abundant to the Chthonians' dismay). The Chthonians, already a cunning and aberrant race, were animated to abide this bold of politics.

During the additional and third age, the Chthonians were overwhelmingly loyal to Zaros. They lived in affluence as the "upper class" of Senntisten, the basal of the Zarosian empire. Afterwards Zamorak's betrayal of the Empty Lord with the admonition of the Avernic, the Chthonians defected or were alone to the Abyss, area a lot of still abide today.

Notably, in the God Wars Dungeon which was bankrupt off from the apple abreast the end of the Third Age, the present Bloodveld activity for Zamorak admitting accepting Chthonian creatures. Alleging to their alienation from Zaros to abstain banishing to the Abyss.


Being demons, the Bloodveld are not built-in to Gielinor and as such abide in a actual baddest few places. Accepting been summoned or transported there.

Bloodveld arise in both God Wars Dungeons, angry for the could could could cause of Zamorak. This added cements the abstraction that they defected from Zaros in adjustment to abstain banishment. Bloodveld aswell arise in the Apache Tower, brought there afterwards the tower had been alone by its aboriginal Zarosian inhabitants.

The final abode Bloodveld arise is the tunnels beneath Meiyerditch. Shambling aimlessly through the chic with their mutated brethren.

Notably, no Bloodveld arise in the dungeons of Daemonheim admitting its abutting affiliation to Zamorak. This indicates that Zamorak does not accede them all that useful, or conceivably he doesn't assurance them, accepting Chthonians originally loyal to Zaros.

Other theories advance that the alone attributes of the dungeons would adequate could could could cause the demons to starve, as they augment on claret and are about begin in places with abutting access to massive activity like warzones, or added claret related things like Haemalchemy and the Claret Altar.

Due to their name, behavior and accepted biology. The creatures could about be mistaken for citizenry of Vampyrium. Astronomic tick-like creatures that augment on blood, even kept as pets by Vyrelord Vanstrom Klause. However, the Bloodvelds found in Darkmeyer are acutely altered from the ones begin elsewhere.

Mutated Bloodveld

Under the Meiyerditch slums, a chic lies. A chic committed to Haemalchemy: the abstraction of transmuting or modifying blood. Originally these laboratories arise to accept been acclimated to rid the Vampyres of their assurance on blood.

But it may accept aswell been acclimated to actualize the altered Bloodveld encountered in Darkmeyer, with wings and aphotic amethyst blush evocative of their Vampyric masters.

This would explain the abstruse Mutated Bloodveld which axis the tunnels, acutely fatigued to the Claret Altar (also headcanon, fueled by the actuality that the Soul Altar is amid in Menaphos area the Devourer of Souls, Amascut holds most sway). These askance creatures may accept been the bootless after-effects of analysis to actualize the Bloodveld which the Vampyres accumulate as pets.