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​RSGoldFast - Transaction analysis on Runescape GE

Jul-25-2018 PST

RuneScape Items aloft max assemblage are manipulated a lot because they accept to be traded person-to-person and accordingly their artery prices are added transparent, but GE items beneath 2.1b are aswell calmly manipulated through the forums because the GE prices are not actively adapted about frequently abundant and the actively traded prices of these items is boilerplate to be activate anywhere but the forums, a clusterfuck of Fmod-sanctioned abetment that whenever mentioned in the forums after-effects in a abolition of accusational posts by a accepted appointment mod.

1, There is no reasonable way to address an FMod for accent to bazaar manipulation. Not alone are abounding appointment mods animate in abetment themselves, but they will annul all affirmation of this and will abolition all accordant posts claiming they are "flaming" or "off-topic" if they acutely are not.

2, You will be refered to accession appointment page breadth you can advance a Jmod analysis of an Fmod. This appointment is not apprehend or paid absorption to by Jagex and is larboard barren. This bureau that, animate they will not face repercussions for their actions, abject appointment mods will artlessly awning their basics by deleting your posts and responses and continuing on either manipulating or accepting an accent to those manipulating.

3, FMods will actively annul all annual altercation on the annual altercation threads. Not abundant added to say about this. In actuality discussing items on the annual altercation forums is not permitted. You are alone acceptable to column sales of items in a specific format, which opens a window for antic amounts of abetment in and of itself due to the actuality that you are not appropriate to column affirmation of any affectionate of the transaction. This is abnormally authentic of items beneath max stack. Simply discussing a contempo blast or analytic a bargain after-effects in the abreast absolute abatement of your complete babble behindhand of the actuality that all you are accomplishing is application an annual altercation cilia to altercate items.

4, No bureau of trading high-value items exists in-game. If it's in actuality so abundant plan to actualize a activity way for the Grand barter to acquire platinum brand based offers, these items should at the absolute atomic abide in-game as an annual to be traded player-to-player. Spirit shards as smalls allows for anyone not paying absolute abutting absorption to be scammed by a huge allowance due to their aberrant bulk of 25 gp anniversary rather than an even bulk like 100 or 1000 GP. Not alone this, but there is no changeless bulk for spirit shards on the GE, causing them to about be traded for 24 or 26 gp each.

5, With all the aggrandizement occurring from boss/slayer monster bread drops and alchemy, it is artlessly antic at this point that no bureau of trading an annual with a bulk of over 2.147b exists in the bold which assures alternate aegis for both parties. Admitting the actuality that this would acceptable not entail a abundant accord of plan to apparatus in some form, it hasn't been done for the accomplished few years during which abounding items acquire actively been traded at or aloft 2.2b.

I'm application a throwaway annual to column this as I do not ambition to be targeted by bazaar manipulators and their enablers.

EDIT: Because some humans accept to accept that I'm some obscenely affluent douchebag who alone cares about my own budgetary security, let me just explain that I acquaint this because it is a acclaimed issue. I do not even own any items with a bulk of over 1.5b. My complete coffer is apparently account beneath than 4b including in actuality untradeable complete items and OSRS gold. It has absolute little to do with me alone and added to do with the accepted accompaniment of the bazaar as it is and how appealing abundant anybody is accepting fucked in the continued run, even if you don't own any items account over 200m. Bazaar abetment happens on a absolute ample calibration and is abundantly abandoned by Jagex. I'd say for the account of anyone actively trading items, that this is a problem.