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RSGoldFast - Too abounding skilling rescources are coming

Jun-15-2018 PST

Too abounding skilling rescources are advancing into the bold through bossing and pvm which acutely devalues the skilling aspect to the game, and get more RS gold.

Basicly a trend ive apparent all-embracing is anyone will alpha off by adage "take off ores, logs, etc off bead tables" and afresh anyone abroad will hunt up with "what would you alter them with?" and theres never a acknowledged hunt up to that catechism because there is no applicable acknowledgment the simple actuality is there isnt annihilation to auspiciously alter them with thats acceptable for the continued appellation bloom of the game.

You deceit just alter abracadabra log drops with ancient logs because theyre annual more, that is a abbreviate appellation fix and it will alone advance aback to the aforementioned botheration added down the line. "jUSt mAkE A NeW TrE E" already afresh abbreviate appellation fix.

What we allegation is a new system(s) in actuality that add a new bulk to the bold (think apparatus with the apparatus system) to be alone committed to pvm. I don't apperceive what this arrangement is or should be i dont accept that acknowledgment im just anecdotic the bulk botheration but it in actuality is needed.

Be it a summoning rework (new secondarys, adjustment the annual of familiars, new familiars entirely, a new tradeable agreeableness type) architecture rework (items or trophys from pvm to use in your abode or abetment in training) new accomplishment in actuality (necromancy) or [skilling catalysts](a advancement by an oldschool scaper to add tradeable items to bead tables that accord boosts to your skilling achievement like bifold logs ores or potions but NOT xp) i aswell heard alternating bead tables which i advanced is a able idea.

Fixing berry prices WILL admonition but not breach the botheration ill apparently accomplish a seperate column on how i advanced this could be done.

I advanced it's funny how humans advanced demography out skilling assets from PVM is a acceptable idea. It would brief ruin pvm and apache which is not just the bigger draw for a lot of mmos but in actuality for runescape aback pvp is asleep in rs3.

And all the alternatives that humans accept appear up with would still massively annihilate PVM.

If you ambition to accomplish skilling added fun and assisting do so, but don't annihilate PVM to do it. Like actively it's way added fun to action a circuitous bang-up or do altered apache tasks than fucking chopping copse or fishing fish.

Also seems like skillers ambition added gp per hour handed to them if pvm takes way added skill, and you accept to put way added money into it.

I advanced all Jagex has to do is apparatus added circuitous skilling methods that aswell crave academy gp and accessory investment to get top gp per hour instead of fucking apache and bossing in the ass by removing skilling drops.