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RSGoldFast - This in actuality afraid me

Jul-18-2018 PST

Quit RS3 for a few weeks, logged assimilate OSRS for a few hours. This in actuality afraid me. So I've been afterward the advancing shitstorm in this subreddit for the endure brace of weeks while i absitively to yield a blow from the bold and amend if its something that i ambition to accumulate advance my time into. Today i absitively to log assimilate OSRS out of curiosity, OSRS gold and actuate out that they accept poll booths in banks. I apperceive that RS3 has agnate booths, about that is not my capital botheration with it.

There are two capital affidavit why i'm announcement this. First, is to catechism the annual Jagex fabricated a while ago about acclamation "Coming aback in a big way". Afterwards annual through the all the questions and options offered in the OSRS poll berth it in actuality fabricated me sad as to how little accomplishment is in actuality accepting put into RS3. The abeyant agreeable offered to OSRS players was niche, exciting, not in actuality baffled and at the aforementioned time annual cutting for.

What bothers me even added is that this subreddit has generated DOZENS of top superior posts with endless annual for alcove and altered content, about we never see any of it accidentally implemented. What we see INSTEAD are things like t92 adeptness armor appear in batches (which basically offers a next to negligible benefit) and updates that cheapen absolute alcove agreeable (I'm searching at you aristocratic dungeons for singlehandedly killing prices of some rune dragon drops).

My additional acumen for authoritative this column is that it seems that a lot of of the artistic activity in RS3 is accepting channeled into MTX. Furthermore, it seems that the RS3 aggregation has adopted a mindset that 'creative' updates accept to be huge chunks of content. That couldn't be added from the truth, and i'm abiding that abounding players on this subreddit would accede that we would rather see consistent, quality, small-medium sized updates that are POLLED with the casual big highlight amend rather than delay for months with annihilation but patches. OSRS in my assessment strikes the adapted balance.

I accept questions that i accomplishment a JMod at atomic looks at. I don't apprehend an answer.

- Area is RS3's adaptation of DMM? There is no agnosticism that contest like that are acutely accustomed and accompany players back.

- Why are aboriginal and artistic annual from players not accepting implemented? Don't acquaint me that batched t92 armor is creative.. its not. A adapted section of armor (which wasn't polled) upgraded with a alone annual in the anatomy of a calibration is NOT creative. It offers next to no actual annual accustomed its bulk and the adversity with which its obtained.

- Why are you not bouncing added annual off the amateur abject if you accept your meetings? I see endless JMod posts about anyone 'bringing an abstraction up at the meeting'. We never apprehend it. Alpha a blog, hell address a reddit post. It takes a few annual and provided transparency.

- Why is chump annual and abutment so blah accustomed almanac profits? This is a bang in the face as there are MANY issues the playerbase runs into frequently which armament them to use Twitter out of all things instead of a committed platform.