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RSGoldFast - The newer pvm agreeable feels unrewarding

Jul-09-2018 PST

My own two cents is that you've been accomplishing able-bodied on pvm agreeable this year, possibly at the bulk of added types of content.

There has been some criticism that the newer pvm agreeable feels dull (solak, aristocratic dungeons). There is some accuracy to this, but one has to antithesis your role as curators of the bold abridgement and abiding progression architecture. It would be unsustainable to accept every area of new pvm be as advantageous as AoD.

Another point is that Solak is in fact acutely difficult. As such, it currently feels extraneous to abundant of the playerbase. However, I would still altercate that absolute difficult pvm agreeable is a absolute affair for the bold even so - as power edge accordingly progresses, Solak will become attainable to added and added of the community, and it offers mid-range players goals and action to plan towards.

These are affidavit why some of the newer pvm agreeable are not met with babble reviews, but admitting a lacklustre acknowledgment from players I accept they are absolute adequate additions to the pvm portfolio whose annual will be acquainted over a best time frame.

I would like to yield this point to agenda how fantastically high-quality I feel that solak is. The lore, the assembly aloft (graphics, articulation acting), the claiming - aggregate about it feels acutely advantageous (except for the absolute loot, but I'm accept with that to, see above).

Solak is in fact the affectionate of agreeable that I am appreciative of and apprehend from Jagex. I'm the black amateur that acquaint a big MTX column the added day. If you appear agreeable that upholds this amazing abyss and aloft added frequently, I would be a in fact annoyed player...

I anticipate they're afield equating "rewarding" with "immensely profitable".

No, not every new area of agreeable needs to be 30m an hour. But Stalkers and Horrors are hardly abundant content; Stalkers bead debris for the a lot of allotment and a bow that is not in fact advantageous as it's outclassed by abracadabra even in areas breadth its bonuses administer and the Horrors are a abuse reworked joke.

Solak was in fact a abundant action but seriously? The alone uniques are 3 corrective nonsense/pets, a re-used Grove drop, an cher and in fact out of abode at top lvl bang-up Prayer Excal and the crossbows? So appealing abundant the alone incentive for accomplishing one of the a lot of difficult and backbreaking administration is a adventitious at the crossbow.

Finally, Aristocratic Dungeons. Abiding they spent a lot of time on the breadth and cartoon - but the rewards for the a lot of allotment are absolute useless. Appealing abundant the absolute DG boutique associated with this absolution is cher cosmetics - and the permanent unlocks like the notepaper one are aswell appealing abortive unless you're an Ironman with how abounding of them appear in through TH. And the capital affairs point of the amend - t92 armor - is acutely big-ticket to use anywhere you would want to use t92 armor and doesn't even action a acute acumen to get over t90 - or hell, the abundant added cost-effective and about as adequate t88.

So yea they are putting out "PvM updates" larboard and appropriate but abundant of it is asleep on accession because of underwhelming rewards. They don't charge to accomplish every new area of agreeable 10m/hour added than the endure one; untradeable or meaningful, high akin abiding rewards (read as ASR, aloft ports scrims, etc.) assume to be a avenue they alone in lieu of corrective nonsense, recycling and "cost-ineffective but it's BiS!!!!" gear.

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