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RSGoldFast - The best items shouldn't breach into nothingness


RSGoldFast - The best items shouldn't breach into nothingness

The a lot of able items in RuneScape should not abase to dust. They should be a staple, a goal. Something you strive to get and afresh can admire. NOT something that you strive to get, afresh accumulate in your coffer because if you use it too much, it turns to dust.

There are two types of 'super top end items' that I'm traveling to allocution about. And a third, that shouldn't exist.

Type 1: baffled and abase to dust

Basically, these items are advised to be overpowered. They are rare, they are costly, they are meant to aggregate you a lot, they are not meant to endure a continued time.

In the past, (and now, arrangement of), these types of items were bogeyman PVP gear. Vesta cast was OP by architecture (it could blueprint for 70s. FOUR TIMES IN A ROW). Statius bang has a +5 affection debuff. That is absolutely powerful. The armor had huge pvp accident reduction. And they all lasted an hour of use. Cipher capital to get these to use for apache or for pvm, because they were not advised for that. They were advised to aggregate like 600k per adapted attack, for PKing.

Another blazon of these items are scrimshaws, but they are added of a blazon two item.

Type 2: Powerful, but not OP, abase to dust

Overloads. They are powerful. They aggregate a lot to make, and crave top stats. But you don't apprehend a aromatic to endure you forever. You alcohol it, get a buff, and if it runs out, you alcohol it or accomplish it again.

The aforementioned are like scrimshaws. They accord you a absolute able account (great healing from vamp, added accident with the others), crave top stats to make, crave a continued time to make, and aggregate you a abstinent aggregate to use (opportunity cost; you can accomplish a aloft scrimshaw, or advertise an inferior one).

For both of these, they are something a amateur can accept a ambition to reach, or they can buy inferior versions of them which accord a appreciably weaker boost.

Type 3: Not over powered, but abase to dust

T90 accessory and T92 accessory are in this category. They are absolute upgrades to absolute gear, but their aggregate of budget is the aggregate to buy them in the aboriginal place.

Think of it this way... why does t90/92 armor abase to dust, but weapons do not? Would we use the weapons if they base to dust? Stupid question, we would, but they would aggregate so abundant that alone the absolute few would use it for the absolute profitable bosses. Accepting a abase to dust weapon would accept never been someone's goal, because what is their goal? Get something, and afresh anon alpha on animate to buy accession so that by the time your new weapon is gone, you have it again? Cipher wants that affectionate of goal. The best items, that are not OP, should not vanish afterwards a set aggregate of uses.

There is a fourth type, apperception you, that we all apperceive about and are 110% able with

Type 4: Able accessory that requires upkeep

This is aggregate that degrades with use. You don't charge to buy a new weapon or armor area if it runs to 0% charges, you instead accept to pay a fee (which is a atom of its antecedent cost!) to adjustment it. This gives you a ambition to set, and reach. You can accidentally play and afresh absorb your coffer on a adorned new weapon that is endless bigger than what you had before, and afresh you can abide to play, application that new item, to admonition pay off its aggregate and accomplish money.

That said, abase to dust accessory shouldn't abase to dust. It should break, like every added area of accessory that is powerful, but you should be able to adjustment it. You should not accept to adjustment it with a 'brand new classic of the item' like you do with aggrandized t90, but a atom of the abstracts to accomplish the gear. How able is a area of t90 armor that afterwards so abounding hits, it basically turns into nothing? Why does it accept max stats, afresh 0 stats if it passes this threshold?

There are two means to fix this...

- The aboriginal way, would be to crave you to adjustment d2d items with a atom of the items bare to accomplish them.. to recharge them, application up the holes and whatnot

- The additional way would be to go about the way bright bouncer and bows acclimated to work. The endure a set aggregate of time, but as their accuse are used, they lose backbone until they are recharged RuneScape gold. So rather than t92 accessory accepting 5 credibility academy than T90, it can be... T99 gear, with t99 stats, that abase 1 akin per 10% until it turns aback into t90. You can top it off every hour to accumulate it in aiguille shape, but don't accept to.

Source from reddit, by The_Wkwied, I adulation his post.

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