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RSGoldFast - The amateur is called for the job

Mar-07-2018 PST

Pauline Polaris has been managing the Livid acreage with the adventurer's affiliated help RS gold.

One day, the Moon Association tasked the charlatan to a continued and harder adventure to the far east for a "long" aeon of time. Afterwards the adventurer, the Livid grew like agrarian grass.

Quest Requirements: 75 firemaking, Lunar Diplomacy, One Baby Favour, 100k Livid Acreage aftermath points.

Quest outline:

The Oneiromancer has accustomed words from Yanni Salika that an achievement of V was begin in the Attributes Altar. Due to the brittle attributes of it, the achievement cannot be teleported.

As a result, the moon association has to forward anyone to aback the achievement and carriage it to Lunar Isle. The amateur is called for the job due to their acquaintance in travelling.

The amateur will accept to biking to Shilo Village and allocution to Yanni Salika. Afterwards a continued bargain, he will accede to advertise you the achievement for 10 charwoman bolt (coz he needs to apple-pie his antiques).

After the trade, Yanni will acknowledge that the achievement is a account of V and aswell admonish the amateur not to use teleports with the portrait.

After travelling aback to Lunar Isle and duke the account over to the Oneiromancer, Pauline Polaris will run to the amateur and Oneiromancer screaming. Allocution to Pauline will acknowledge that the Livid in her acreage has developed out of ascendancy during the absence of the player.

The Livid now covers the acreage (and had deadened Pauline. that's why she's not floating) and the amateur has to do the "clean up".

The amateur has to dig up the awkward Livid and abode them in the boilerplate of the acreage (the amplitude in foreground of Pauline). Afresh they'll accept to ablaze the blaze and bake the Livid.

Due to all the combustible abstracts about (like seriously, aggregate is fabricated of wood), the amateur will accept to casting Humidify about to assure the farm. Already done, allocution to Pauline to accomplishment the quest.

Quest reward: brand xp in agriculture and firemaking, adeptness to body "V's portrait" in poh adventure hall, alleviate a new action (cast Humidify about the afire Livid) in Livid Farm Cast Humidify about the afire Livid: Already clicked on the Livid fire, amateur will automatically casting Humidify every 5 seconds, which will accord 10 produced credibility anniversary cast. (random numbers, not balanced) It'll be afk but OSRS gold beneath credibility per hour.

(Original anticipation was to bake Pauline forth with the Livid. But RuneScape is not that affectionate of fantasy game...)