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RSGoldFast - The alpha of an hopefully affiliated Journey

Aug-15-2018 PST

So with the Twitch Prime Promo that is currently active I was remembered that Runescape still exists (and accomplishing accomplished it seems) and remembered my time with the bold ancient afore WoW came out... Slaying hundreds of cows, abnormality through the acreage and accepting no abstraction of what I am doing.

Fast avant-garde to this week. Watching Runescape Videos on Youtube from assorted agreeable creators and accepting nostalgic. So on friday I absitively to accomplish a new Account and see how far Runescape had appear and maybe accepting 200m while accomplishing so...(Spoiler: I didn't got 200m).

I watched a Video about the altered gamemodes and absitively that Ironman would be the appropriate best for me. Aswell because aback afresh I'm totaly acclimated to bigger cartoon I acquire the accepted Adaptation of the game.

My homesickness hits appropriate in the feels afresh I realised that the tutorial Island didn't afflicted even a little bit (or I remembered just aggregate wrong).

By now some of you already noticed one absurdity I fabricated apropos the chests... It angry out, that because of the ironman Approach I will not get the chests... And the Info apropos that in the FAQ I begin today CAME A LITTLE BIT TO LATE... NO NEW PLAYER READS OR EVEN FINDS THAT THING BEFORE HE LINKED THE ACCOUNT!

Enough capslock. A little bit abject I started my adventitious into the apple of Runescape. I didn't anticipation that I would in actuality play this bold added than an hour or two but now afterwards an absolute weekend of amphitheatre Runescape I'm absorbed again. And I can't delay to get home tomorrow afterwards plan to play added of it.

But lets alpha at the alpha of the weekend. I done the tutorial afterwards the Island that concluded in this ballsy bossfight adjoin some seemonster in an underground cave. Afterwards that, equiped with now 3 Atramentous Pearls I amorphous my adventitious in the Apple of organised crime. Some priest had an aureate beaker and it was my assignment to get it.

Fuck this quest! I approved for bisected an hour to abduct the key for the affectation cavern with my appearance accomplishing NOTHING. Just continuing beside my ambition and accomplishing nothing... Abundant I said. Apparently a bug I anticipation I went to bed acquisitive that I could complete my assignment tomorrow.

Nope still not working. Until now I abandoned the Dialog best to allocution about the chalice. Why should I allocution to him about that? I capital to abduct it. But finaly I acquire to allocution (after demography a attending at the Wiki) with the old priest and the adventure finaly advanced... Fuck this quest! I laid a blaze because the wiki said that Was the appropriate band-aid and you estimated it... NOTHING. It angry out you acquire to allocution with you Informant afore you can do this... Yeah... Fuck it I had the beaker and my adventitious continued. Accomplishing quests actuality and there. I even advised the annihilation of three priest that concluded in an attack to annihilation a god. Brainless dragon thing. "hey he blanket my stone. Lets try to annihilate the guys that are theoreticaly on my ancillary because im angry" but omg was this adventure awesome.

Death if you apprehend this. Please accord me the Name of the banker that gave you your Scythe! I wish one too.

After that I done added quests and just run through the apple to see and fabricated myself an adamant pickaxe and axe... Just to realise afterwards that... That I can get an multi Tool dwarven axe for free... Aswell the bulk of time I ashen to acquisition a fishing atom there I could bolt a charge for some brainless beautiful (fat) cat is astounding... I took about an hour until I noticed you can rightclick the fishing spots for added options.

Did I told you about my adventures abysmal beneath the Mages tower? That was alarming to! But abundant of this, the column is already far to long. Can't delay to play tomorrow and see that lies in foreground of me.

Sincerly a new cow murdering Amateur with still no abstraction what he is doing. And fuck this aboriginal thieves quest and want to get more RS gold in game!