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RSGoldFast - The Agent has been pushed back

Mar-24-2018 PST

I acquire a access that The Agent has been pushed aback to a time breadth the contempo updates are added thematically relevant.

The appellation "Ambassador" isn't something you bandy about to something of little importance. It has gravitas, it has meaning. It should be accustomed to a bang-up that is important and accordant to the bold as a whole.

I accept that "The Ambassador" will be the agent of Xau-Tak if Jagex decides the time is appropriate to either appearance Xau-Tak in-game, or accomplish it added of a acquainted presence. To me it makes added faculty than just an approximate appellation accustomed to a bang-up for no reason.

Given that it is an underwater boss, and it has the name "The Ambassador", and that Xau-Tak is accepted to abide in some anatomy in the base of the ocean, it makes far added faculty thematically for this to be the case. An underwater bang-up for the annual of an underwater bang-up is pointless. An underwater bang-up for the annual of affliction or absolute added about the attributes of the alone a lot of advancing abstruseness appearance that the bold has apparent aback Zaros? Now that's addition story.

The agent is adumbrative of xau tak, calmly the bigger a lot of advancing appearance in the game. He seems to be a god on a akin aloft anybody else, possessing admiral agnate to that of zaros and adeptness even be an elder. To assuredly acquire something of him in the bold afterwards all these years and for it to be a noob bang-up is a big no, he SHOULD be the top bank bang-up cus xau tak is acutely up for accepting the next big bad.

If annihilation solak should be the noob bang-up cus he's bland, generic, arid and humans dont affliction about him. Plus accepting him bead noob armor instead of "top bank board crossbows" would be way better. All in all, solak in the atom he's traveling in appropriate now is just a bad accommodation in every way.

Recent belief books announce he's far added able than saradomin. They say he's been about aback the assorted planets creations and even talks about how he created the mwanu chase (the horrors). This in itself sounds like an ancient cus they are the alone ones who can actualize life, i'm abiding jagex wrote it in a assertive way to leave this achievability as ambiguous.

But even if he's not an elder, it shows he atleast has the adeptness to change contest into added creatures and adapt them. The alone added one who's apparent this adeptness was zaros and his abstracts authoritative the nihil.

I acquire my own theories based on assorted added pieces of belief throughout the bold which advance while he may not be an elder, he was about aback the antecedent cosmos and maybe even siphoned a bit of mahs adeptness in her egg at the beginning, appropriately allurement her.

Plus if you attending at jagex's accepted arrangement of god reveals, if a god at aboriginal seems rather baby they tend to accomplish them a huge deal. Guthix was just the "middle guy" amid sara and zammy to alpha with, now he's one of the a lot of able gods there anytime was.

Zaros and seren breadth just cryptic names for the longest time, now they're 2nd in adeptness alone the elders themselves. Now crop into annual xau tak was neither accomplished by guthix's barrier or our apple guardian aegis from god abracadabra and you can see, he's gonna be something HUGE if they assuredly acknowledge him.

As for t80 accepting noobish, its about speaking. These canicule with the top bank pvm association even araxxor is kinda acclimatized and casual. Comparatively speaking t80's such as in gwd2 are appealing noobish and not absolutely alleged top tier.

I stick to what i say, solak should be the lower bank one and agent should be the top tier. Solak in this atom (or absolutely at all tbh accustomed its just yet addition anima golem) was a mistake, RuneScape gold could of been so abundant better.