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RSGoldFast - The administration RS is branch in


RSGoldFast - The administration RS is branch in

I would wish annihilation added than to acquaint added humans to the bold that I've admired aback I was a kid. Frankly, though, I'm too ashamed by the actuality that I still play this (currently) torn blend that I can't in acceptable censor recommend annihilation about this game.

Like what the hell am I declared to say? "If you like amateur breadth the developers absolution updates that are 80% issues & bugs and 20% absolute content, afresh go for it!" "Oh you wish to feel like the aggregation listens to the players and aren't in it abandoned for the money? Able-bodied afresh Runescape is the absolute bold fo- SYKE!".

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this game. But it's a adulation agnate to that for a ancestor who acclimated to be your absolute apple but is now abusing you and expects you to be beholden for it. I don't wish to breach and abide this bits but 10+ years of admirable memories of me and my accompany arena this bold is a harder affair to just abstain and overlook about.

All I apperceive is this: We will not stick about for continued if things don't change. If the above of updates go down and your acknowledgment is to up the associates amount rather than fix problem, that pisses us off. You prioritise new (broken) content rather than demography affliction of issues that accept been present for YEARS.

In actuality I accept to bethink that you PROMISED to allot an absolute year to acclimation bugs, torn agreeable and afterlight old graphics. You ashore with that for a solid three months or so and afresh it was appropriate aback to absolution agreeable no one asks for and that no one can use.

I accept that Jagex as a aggregation needs to accomplish money. But your accommodation to focus on fast profits in the present (MTX, college associates costs, etc) is FUCKING KILLING THE GAME. Humans are abrogation and demography their money with them.

Sure, you could up the fee for associates even added but that will abandoned avert new players from acceptable associates in the aboriginal place. No new associates = no added money. A fucking 5-year-old understands how your accepted approach will eventually kill off the bold completely.

I candidly don't apperceive what this bluster is for, maybe I'm just discharge my continued pent-up frustrations with the administration RS is branch in. Maybe I'm acquisitive that anyone at Jagex who still gives a abuse reads this and it somehow has some array of absolute effect.

Maybe I'm abandoned in this and that's fine. I'm just so annoyed and feel so let down by Jagex for authoritative me feel like arena my admired bold is a chore. I just acquainted that I had to say something.

For anybody that's accusatory about runescape, some humans are in actuality adequate it. I just got aback into runescape in February and hadn't played for a decade. And you apperceive what? I in actuality adulation it.

So abundant agreeable and change has happened aback then, sure, but I've in actuality got time to play it now. It's bisected homesickness and bisected awesomeness.

Maybe I'm advantageous to accept skipped through the clump anybody abroad seems to accept waded through and hate, but I accept no complaints. I'm blessed as a mollusk (maybe apprenticed as well), RuneScape gold Fast and I've almost aching the apparent of all the content. (I'm skill akin 1435, 82 combat).

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