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RSGoldFast - Superior over abundance any day

Aug-10-2018 PST

Every time we accept a ages or a anniversary afterwards a agreeable update, reddit explodes about how we aren't accepting our $11 account or how Jagex isn't accomplishing annihilation with MTX money, etc. MTX or no MTX, Jagex has a assertive bulk of assets to plan with, and they can accept how to admeasure them.

I awful doubtable this is a articulate minority, or at atomic overrepresented for how abounding players anticipate this way. Large acceptable updates provides months of enjoyment. Solak did it for me. I apperceive the clue annal amend beforehand this year did it for others. Amid updates like that I am able with assorted weeks or even a ages of no abundant agreeable as continued as we get tweaks, fixes, baby reworks like the skillcape amend today, and application notes.

I'm aswell assertive that if Jagex did big beneath the awning jobs that fabricated development abundant added able internally, players would be a lot added affectionate and compassionate if it came with some dev blog answer what the job was and why it was so important (and/or costly).

People actuality are accusatory about TAPP accepting shelved, while abounding of them are the actual acumen that it happened (read Mod Stu's animadversion on the TAPP thread). Jagex sees connected accusatory about amend abundance and all additional assets accept been circumscribed into authoritative abiding updates are accepted as possible.

How about you poll it? See if this is in actuality a majority assessment in the association or just a articulate boyhood that takes to reddit every time. Endure time it was polled, it seemed players voted for beneath accepted updates that were larger.

Expansions adeptness not accept been the appropriate access to this, but it doesn't beggarly we accept to blitz to pump out updates every week.

Quality over abundance any day. Good, crisp updates already every while over a connected beck of meh every week.

What happened to "I adopt delayed to broken/subpar" and "Fix accepting aboriginal afore you put in new stuff"? I doubtable a lot added players feel the way I do than it seems like if you just apprehend this sub.

To me the updates accept been wonderful. Delayed ED2 was a altogether reasonable accommodation and with them advertence an estimated release(august) and advancement the appraisal at Aug13 was one footfall advanced for jagex. A lot of added updates accept been delayed with no accurate estimate, abandoned relational estimates.

By that I mean: Jagex declared "group ironman and coffer rework afterwards mobile". That isn't clear. Adage "ED2 was delayed to baronial as we wish an beneath buggy and added advantageous update" was clear. I'm blessed with them demography their time, I just wish a added accurate appraisal on releases.

If I could accomplish one of my abounding brainless metaphors... It's like a continued ambit relationship, humans wish a accurate end to the continued ambit like "in two years". Not "after college, maybe if I acquisition jobs abreast breadth u go to alum academy or if you go to alum academy abreast breadth I wish to live". Conditional/relational estimates like those do not absolutely work.

Goals that they advertise at the alpha of the year accept to be: Specific, difficult but realistic, and should accept both abbreviate appellation and continued appellation goals. By advertence "group ironman, coffer rework, m/s rework, mobile" it sounds like Jagex set out for too abounding abiding goals this year and they were advance too thin. It reminds me of myself on my ironman.

I'm aggravating to get 92 pray, 80 smithing, 96 herb, and a lot of quests done at the aforementioned time, then get more RuneScape gold when you finish. I am yet to accomplish any of these goals because they are big anniversary goals that yield a while to get.