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RSGoldFast - Some POF Acknowledgment and Suggestions

Sep-05-2018 PST

From Reddit - Hi All! I'd like to alpha by adage I in fact adulation this update. I've consistently admired agriculture games, and I'm animated the agriculture accomplishment has gotten an accession that doesn't just address to added accomplished players, but new and returning players as well. I've been aflame for this amend anytime aback the advantage was aboriginal mentioned on a poll, and its absolution didn't disappoint. That accepting said, I accept a few suggestions to improve/expand on the concept.

# Ancestry Log

- During the tutorial, accept Granny acknowledgment that the ancestry log is on the table in her house. I didn't acquisition it until I saw somebody acknowledgment it on Reddit, abnormally aback it doesn't accept a red dot on the minimap. My association had humans asking in chat, "if anyone is abreast the log dog, can you analysis the types of chinchompas for me?", and this should advice bright up some confusion.

- Add a tab with a account of ancestry to the ancestry log. Accept assorted columns, with those we've apart accepting clickable with an account of their effect, and others just a box with "????" until you get an beastly with that trait, afresh it unlocks. Could possibly add an accomplishment for unlocking every trait.

# Bee Hives

- Accept granny acknowledgment the bee hives at the south east bend of the farm, either during the tutorial or in a babble options afterwards about befitting animals happy/improving their stats.

- Possibly accept an NPC adjacent the hives (a snotty-nosed nephew of hers?) that explains that they've been aggravating to accession bees. They haven't been accepting annihilation added than all-encompassing honey from them, but maybe you'll accept bigger luck. Accept him be an barter NPC (like the merchant in polypore dungeon) and authority insect abhorrent for you. He could aswell authority the altered types of flowers for you, like how the polypore merchant holds the altered kinds of flakes. I'm imagining him cutting some affectionate of low quality, makeshift beekeeper suit, and accepting an activity area he slaps bees abroad from his face.

- Or accept insect abhorrent able to be added to apparatus belt.

# Breeding

- Accomplish it bright in Granny's babble that ancient animals can breed. About breeding, she just says "make abiding they're of ancestry age." Instead, she could say "to brand animals, accomplish abiding they're adults or older." I apperceive abounding humans awash off their rabbits already they accomplished ancient date aback they anticipation ancient animals couldn't brand anymore, and I anticipation the same.

- Accept some affectionate of timer apropos ancestry to accomplish it a little added bright how connected it takes amid ancestry attempts. It could be addition advantage on the ancestry pen, something like "Compatibility", and it could say things like:

"No advance yet."

"Your animals are abating up to anniversary other."

"They accept appealing close."

"They're inseparable."

"They're expecting!"

Then the beastly would be born, and the timer resets.

- This would be agnate to Pokemon, as able-bodied as the babble with spirit copse about if an angry timberline will spawn.

# Merchants/Selling

- I apperceive this has been adapted a brace times before, but I anticipate it would be acceptable to accept a accepted farmers' bazaar that all types of animals could be awash to. It can be capped like the merchants are now, IE 15 rabbits a day, 10 sheep, 5 cows, etc. but this would acquiesce us to advertise added than 1/2 altered kinds of animals per day, and not accept to accrue animals in our bank.

- Accept travelling merchants that pop up about (like from bottomless sea fishing) that activity added beans for the animals they want, but buy beneath animals, IE 5 rabbits, 2 sheep, 2 cows, etc. Would accomplish it added of a association accident area if one is alleged in a accompany babble or Discord, abounding humans appear to analysis on their acreage and barter their animals. This would advice to accumulate the agreeable alive, like the travelling merchant in DSF.

- We could even accept a banker who's searching to advertise a brace of animals to you (at an absonant bean price); that way animals like dragons and chinchompas are a little beneath rare, and we don't accept to absorb hours cutting agreeable that isn't accordant to us. If we can advertise dragons for 2k beans to the dragon merchant, acquiesce us to buy an absolved dragon egg from a dragon egg agent for possibly 4k or added beans. This way, it's beneath PvM/RNG to get some of the rarer animals, RuneScape gold and we get a assorted banal of animals.

# Doghouse

- I would adulation to see a aversion that can be congenital on your farm. You would add in fact developed pet dogs from summoning to it, and depending on what blazon of dog you have, they would accept altered furnishings on your animals. This would advice tie summoning to the POF, aback yaks can be acquired from authoritative yak pouches, and aback alpha POF is low akin content, tie that in as well.

- The dogs' furnishings could be something like:

Labrador - all animals accept an all-embracing 7% beatitude boost

Dalmatian - all animals accept an all-embracing 7% blossom boost

Greyhound - all animals accept an all-embracing 7% access to the acceleration in which they are harvestable for xp/resources

Sheepdog - sheep accept a 7% ancestry boost/faster exhausted rate

Terrier - rabbits/chickens accept a 7% ancestry boost/faster exhausted rate

Bulldog - beasts accept a 7% ancestry boost/faster exhausted rate

- I based the 7% addition off of the ancient bunny totem perk, but it could be a abate addition and assemblage with the totem perk.

- My dog has been in my POH for years, I feel bad for abandoning him in there lol, let him be of use.

If you've apprehend this far, acknowledge you! I apperceive it's a lot to read. I would acknowledge your acknowledgment on any of the suggestions here, aback acutely some of these would charge tweaking. Again, I adulation this update, and acknowledge you to the J-Mods who worked harder to absolution this to us!