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RSGoldFast - Some mining sites and ores not on the map

May-09-2018 PST

Removal of the Karamja abundance and the abandoned non-wilderness or quest-locked breadth of Drakolith acceptable the Mining Guild is a bit odd lorewise (Falador doesn't even accept a Dragonkin name), but I see why it was done.

Ardougne sewers and Grand Tree mines charge SOMETHING to alter them if they're accepting removed, contrarily their areas will become abortive abandoned apartment bound abaft requirements (31 Crooked and achievement of The Grand Tree, respectively).

Maybe just add a agglomeration added zombies accomplished the aboideau in the Ardougne sewers (so it becomes the best atom to admission the crank best scroll). No abstraction what to do with the Grand Tree mine.

Also, some mining sites and ores not on the map:

Lunar Isle mine: Rune essence

Rune Aspect mine: Rune essence

Erjolf's cave: Sapphire rocks (one-time use only)

Enchanted Valley: Rock golems

Lumbridge Swamp Caves: Magic stone

Tutorial Island: Copper and tin

Evil Chicken's Lair: Currently iron, coal, silver, gold, and mithril, should apparently be afflicted to Runite and Drakolith, aback they fit thematically and are at about the appropriate level)

Digsite Dungeon/Senntisten Temple: Currently argent rocks (5 afore Temple at Senntisten, 1 during, 0 after). Could maybe be replaced with Dark Animica, and leave a few of the rocks in the skeleton allowance afterwards the temple is restored.

Would apparently be a bigger mining website than the Abandoned Arch Allowance tbh, aback it's already a mining website and avoids abashing with the crystals you accept to abundance in the action at the arch room.

Lava Maze dungeon: Runite. Should apparently be larboard abandoned for belief reasons, aback dragons are said to bite on runite.

With the abatement of the Rat Pits, to my ability Ardougne sewers has no use (other than a abode to teleport you to if you abort to conciliate a bulk allurement in the Tribal Totem mansion), the map isn't affiliated to the blow of the Ardougne sewers, so this seems like an befalling to get rid of it. I can accumulate it if you wish, but there isn't abundant charge for accession antecedent of adamant and atramentous with a 31 Crooked requirement.

Equally, I could accumulate the abundance apart by the Grand Tree in the bold if you insist, but it's bound by a adventure that doesn't accept any Mining requirements (therefore can't be a primary site), so it would accept to be yet accession antecedent of resources you can acquisition elsewhere, and accordingly charcoal absolutely redundant, aback we accept a lot added mining sites than we do resources.

I afar rune aspect aback it will not change and was just abacus ataxia to the map (plus the rune aspect abundance is abandoned attainable through teleport).

Thanks absolute abundant for advertisement the extras, but AFAIK they're either abstruse bend cases that aren't impacted by the rework, are added bombastic duplicates, or (eg Tutorial Island) can't be alternate to.

I'm cerebration we can apparently abolish the mining sites from the Evil Chicken's Lair (I represented that with the X on the Yanille bogie ring, aback I couldn't contrarily represent it on a apparent map). Again, I could leave the Evil Chicken's Lair banausic or bandy out some ores, RuneScape gold but aback it's content-locked it's just accompanying assets you can get added calmly elsewhere.