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RSGoldFast - Some able criticism for ED2

Aug-19-2018 PST

- The mobs charge a lot beneath hp imo as it feels absolutely grindy, abnormally compared to ED1 which feels added fast-paced.

- Bring aback the adeptness to teleport with chests while in combat.

- Abounding of the mobs feel a bit too basal due to a abridgement of mechanics. In ED1 for example, you acquire the Afterlife Lotus rogues with a able a and alarming spec, you acquire zealots which spawn lots of crassians, you acquire lots of mobs application EoC accepting like stuns etc.

- I anticipate the dejected rain in the Astellern action should be a bit bright in breadth it's falling. Perhaps caliginosity on the attic like Gregorovic's acclimatized would be good?

- Should be alleged a 'Pulsar', not 'Pulsar star' (minor thing).

- The 4 easily in the BSD action charge their defence decidedly lowered.

- The allotment of the BSD action breadth he flies up and down for 30 abnormal feels a bit accidental and not absolutely abounding of a blackmail aback the amethyst dragonfire alone spawns in a baby area. I anticipate something added like Gorvek's bonfire in the Vindicta action would be added ideal, e.g. acquire the BSD breathe 3 ambit of bonfire beyond the amphitheatre appear you anniversary time it flies up or something.

- Apparently a accessory affair but in abandoned the administration acquire the aforementioned bloom as in leash so it feels absolutely repetitive if you action them and acquire to consistently accord with the aforementioned mechanics for several minutes. This is abnormally accurate for Verak Lith as he doesn't acquire abounding in agreement of mechanics.

- Claimed opinion: even with the 3 new adeptness codices I still feel there could be added in agreement of rewards, as currently it feels absolutely repetitive accepting atramentous dust all the time from Astellern/Verak and activity from BSD, additional the aforementioned clutter boodle from mobs. Another affair is that this alcove seems absolutely a bit easier than ED1, so I feel the codices apparently will not end up captivation abounding bulk in the long-term.

What added uses do you see for the new abilities? The Flurry one looks abounding but the added 2 don't assume that advantageous (for PvM). Acerbity is still too anemic to be acclimated in a accustomed circling and the account it gets can't be controlled. The Barge one looks absorbing but I'm not abiding from the way it's worded if you'll alone acquire 2 ticks to administer the channel-DoT about-face (it says 8 ticks for it to plan and afresh 10 for the aftereffect to abandon but is this 10 ticks afterwards the 8 or including the 8?) and if it is the aftereffect will not be that advantageous for bang-up mechanics breadth you can't advance unless the aeon is beneath than 10 ticks.

Both have, at worst, situational usage. At best barge is amazing for periods if you cannot advance (or do awful bargain damage), and I've not apparent the algebraic done on acerbity but it appears to be account application afore assault (?) will adjournment for Mr G_W to do the calc.

RSGoldFast Team