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RSGoldFast - So abounding means to accomplish amalgam account using

Feb-28-2018 PST

I'm voting this way not because I animosity the abstraction of catchbasin armour, but because it would be asleep agreeable on absolution with the accepted system.

The affair is jagex confused abroad from administration that crave hybridding, so amalgam armor hasn't in actuality been bald in the bold whatsoever. It was an reconsideration for PvP(for hybrid/tribridding) alfresco of void.

The -15 armor tiers makes in fact 0 faculty either. t99 hyrbid would be t84 catchbasin armor if we get to end game, which is just as abortive unless it has an OP passive.

A acceptable band-aid would be if they kept the penalty, but gave it both catchbasin and ability armor bonuses for that tier. It'd apparently aswell be acceptable to accept the amends bargain to bare 10, instead of 15.

That way it becomes your go-to armor for accepted use or complete amalgam combat, but not aggressive if you plan on application a individual style.

Or let amalgam armor accord an accurateness addition to all styles, instead of a backbone addition like power, but advance the bare 15.

That gives it a advantageous alcove afterwards unseating absolute gear, and becomes what anyone would abrasion if they can handle a bosses' mechanics 100%.

So the acquirements ambit would go from tank, to power, to hybrid. Or alter depending on the boss.

We'd in actuality see variety, and you'd apparently ambition to accept your DPS army at a accumulation bang-up go bisected and bisected to accomplish abounding use of the accurateness boosts and accident boosts.

Or, accomplish amalgam the buff/debuff armor set. Let it bifold the aftereffect of any boosts you administer to your teammates and bifold the reductions you administer to your opponent, so continued as you're cutting a abounding amalgam set.

The possibilities and account actuality are endless. There's so abounding means to accomplish amalgam account using. They charge to change how the armors work.

There was addition advantage about authoritative armor abate the accident instead of just abbreviation hit chance, that would not abandoned fix catchbasin armors but aswell get rid of absence attacks, which is one of the a lot of annoying mechanics that exists in runescape aback the begining.

It is absolute awe-inspiring (logically) that college bank armor increases splashes of OSRS gold, not reduces damage. This is aswell is ambagious with weaknesses.

At aboriginal glance, if I see something is anemic to apple spells I accept I accord added accident application apple spells. Nope, just accuracy/hit chance. And for apache this is about a non affair anyway.