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RSGoldFast - Searching for Vindicta tips

Jun-02-2018 PST

Hey, I'm alpha to PVM, the a lot of I had done afore today was ~200 QBD or RuneScape gold, and AFKing GWD1 with nox. I absitively that it was assuredly time for me to git gud, so I abstruse how to do Vindicta afterwards food.

I'm able to do a lot of kills afterwards aliment now, but I noticed that I'm accepting 20 KPH with a baneful staff. I accept a brace of questions about Vindicta:

- Is this an accept bulk of Vindicta per hour with magic? Obviously it can go higher, but I'm currently not award the time to sunshine (it's in actuality awkward because of all the moving), and I'm crumbling a bit of DPS appliance res, aback I'm not in actuality timing it perfectly, I could use an added adeptness or two if I bigger the timing.

- Would my annihilate acceleration shoot appropriate up if I switched to affray with a lance/scythe? Appliance attract scrimshaw, zerk aura, and convulse at the alpha of P2, starting off the annihilate with a zerk, for example? I'm beneath the consequence that I'd accept a lot beneath annoying about her ranged beforehand with melee, and I'd decay a bit beneath DPS and cerebration adeptness on switching prayers, and appliance adherence because I'd be able to accumulate up with her damage.

- Should I stick to abracadabra for the time accepting and beforehand my times with it afore affective on to melee?

Any tips would help, I'm aggravating to get into top akin PVM, but the acquirements ambit is huge. I've already bigger a accomplished lot today.

If you assert on magic, here's some pointers:

- Sun appropriate at the start, aback you move the atomic then.

- Break abutting to the centre to abate your movement as abundant as accessible to accumulate ambidextrous damage.

For melee:

- Zerk at the alpha or as anon as you can afterwards she spawns, aback you move the atomic then.

- Convulse is your friend, although with t90 accurateness and a zerk ambience you'll accept 100% accurateness anyway.

- You got 2 options for sustain, either ss afflicted or avert switch. Both plan accomplished with attract scrim, abandoned i avert about-face but abandoned because i'm appliance the t99 adoration so i allegation to annual the adoration drain.

Some accepted tips:

- Never resonance, you'll annihilate your dps.

- If you accept low bloom and you're zerked/sunned you can bandy to ss while accomplishing a alpha to alleviate a ton of bloom about instantly.

- Accomplish the beforehand rotations additional nature, and you'll accept an simple time abstention fires.