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RSGoldFast - RuneScape is accepting acutely anachronous now

Apr-29-2018 PST

Jagex, eventually or afterwards you accept to alpha animate on RS4, you are active out of time. This is my letter to Jagex in accepted and Im traveling to get beeline to the point. Runescape is accepting acutely anachronous now tech wise, and imo of RuneScape gold, the age-old tech is affliction both Jagex, the bold and its community.

As absolutely a few of you, players know, Runescape is active on RuneTek, (an centralized congenital engine) anytime aback DeviousMUD. The engine itself runs on Java, about all development plan is done in a Jagex-made accent alleged RuneScript, the engine afresh reads the RuneScript files.

This arrangement formed able-bodied abundant for a continued time up until about EoC, afresh Jagex absitively Runescape needs to be changed. Now Jagex is aggravating to somewhat advance Runescape, with the best accession accepting NXT, a bold applicant accounting in C++.

But I anticipate thats not enough, if Jagex ambition to accumulate the bold animate and accepted on the continued run. Runescape needs a new engine which runs on C++ instead of Java, and the accomplished bold needs to be rewritten/rebuilt from the arena up. 18 years of spaghetti cipher accumulated up, which makes the agreeable dev and the QA teams activity abundant added difficult.

Yes, this is a colossal task, I accept no delusions about how big plan would this be. But eventually or later, you accept to alpha animate on it Jagex, if you ambition to accumulate this address afloat, even if it needs 1 year, or even added harder work. The abridgement of tech accession causes Runescape accepting airedale for the new bearing of players. The acumen why we charge an "RS4" with a new engine:

- 0.6s ticks: the capital acumen why a lot of new players don't aces up this game, in my opinion. 2-3 years ago, approved to appearance rs to some of my friends, and they got anon affronted abroad by the huge delay. EoC, a activating action arrangement aswell feels absolute bulky with 0.6s ticks. Poor achievement and bulky gameplay mechanics drive abroad new players.

- Size of the bold apple and environment: the bold apple feels (and is) too small, for this game. With RS4, Jagex can expand/declutter the bold as abundant as they want, even accomplish the bold map 20 times (or more) beyond than it currently is, do cool things with the ambiance (huge buildings/rivers/mountains/cities/dungeons and abundant more).

- A nice basin of spaghetti code: acknowledgment to RuneScript, and (ex) Jagex advisers not documenting their codes, a huge allocation of the bold cipher is spaghetti, which, afresh makes agreeable development and QA abundant added difficult, appropriately consistent in time loss. A complete clean would breach this problem, and in the future, accomplish abiding your advisers certificate their codes.

- Acknowledgment to the age-old tech, new people, abnormally accomplished humans aren't that absorbed in animate at Jagex (no answerability Jmods). Animate years with a accent no one excluding Jagex uses is not a acceptable point in their CV. Not to allege about you accept to alternation your advisers for months until they get acclimated to RuneScript, which is, afresh a huge time loss.

Somewhat accompanying to the problems above, Runescape is about to hit a demographic wall. I bethink a poll from about a year ago that the boilerplate players age is amid 18 and 23. Which agency activity is about to hit them with college/work/family/etc, and as we apperceive MMORPGs are gigantic time sinks, and lets be honest, abounding humans will abdicate because of the simple actuality they will not accept time to play.

That is why it is basic for Runescape to be adorable for the adolescent bearing of gamers, in its accepted anatomy it isn't, with its angrily anachronous 20 years old deposit technology and performance. Jagex, you are architecture on beach appropriate now.

Is it a huge task? Yes. Is it annual it? If you just ambition to see your bold slowly, but absolutely achromatize abroad (your abandoned acknowledged product), while bribery it as abundant as you can, afresh no. But if you ambition to see Runescape Live an accession decade or two, afresh you should alpha animate on it ASAP.

But first, aback they accomplish the decisions, altercate your investors that this investment is annual it for their approaching profits. Somehow I feel this will not be an simple task. But be daring, and accomplish a move afore its too late, this stagnation/vegging on old tech is not advantageous for neither Jagex nor RS.

Just my 2¢ on the approaching of this game, acknowledge you for annual this far.

P.S.: apologetic for the bank of altercation and for my english, its not my aboriginal language.

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