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RSGoldFast - RS3's new amateur acquaintance needs a lot of work

Aug-08-2018 PST

Someone just abutting the RS3 Discord accepting started the bold due to the Beat Prime promotion. They were alpha out of the tutorial, allurement for admonition on what to do and how to get into the adventure of the game. Over the next bisected hour, we talked them through.

1.Changing their interface settings.

2.Finding their corrective armour from the promotion.

3.Finding the adventure annual and allotment a adventure to alpha with.

4.Making their way to Lumbridge and talking to Xenia to activate The Claret Pact.

At this point, the new amateur got balked by how arid they were ambidextrous accident and abdicate both the bold and the Discord server afore we could plan out whether they had managed to accouter a brand aboriginal or not. Afterwards our attempts to help them, I acerb doubtable they would not accept got abundant added than the Taverly berth afore this happened.

I aboveboard achievement that this amateur was an outlier, but the actuality charcoal that the aboriginal bold has abundant abeyant to be acutely birdbrained to anyone who has never played before, even with accomplished players attempting to adviser them through it. If Mobile is to accept any achievement of bringing in new players in any cogent number, this needs to be improved.

I in actuality started an ironman endure anniversary and took advantage of the new chargeless associates promo, and begin the rs3 addition to not be too bad.

Revamped tutorial island was a appealing nice introduction, and the Path arrangement instantly acicular me to the bloodpact to apprentice about action and quests.

Also, if you accept to avoid it, a little gudrick will arise at the top of your awning to accord you advice, and acquaint how to get aback to the path. So its candidly not that bad.

As for interfaces, the starting one wasn't too abhorrent either. If you bother to do the tutorial, icons and airheaded will gradually arise as you progress, organically teaching what they do, including the questing interface.

Granted the tutorial doesn't advise you what all the icons and interfaces do (wish there was mini-tutorial with the system/options interface, to appearance new players all the toggles and options they have). But afresh it was adapted for an introduction.

Considering both the adventure annual and claret alliance are covered in the tutorial + starting path. It sounds like the accepting either skipped them or was accepting foolishly ignorant.

That accepting said, their in fact is allowance for improvements. Tutorial island For Classic will highlight traveling to the action academy for a added in abyss action tutorial, alone for the Path arrangement to afresh never acquaint you breadth it is.

The Path arrangement will aswell frequently railroad you into traveling to the next breadth of it afterwards you complete something, instead of absolution you stick about to analyze or apprentice something. There's a lot of baby things like this that charge fixing or tweaking, that would in fact advice aboriginal bold players.

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