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RSGoldFast - RS should acquire implemented years ago

Jun-06-2018 PST

Now this has allegedly been brought up before, but the forums are underused and underutilized.

If we had a alive arrangement that was user affable and had appearance that would tie in with the capital game, it would in fact be useful.

We charge it to log and let us apperceive if we acquire replies to our messages, adeptness to PM, and even acquire a few "chat" functions for altered sub-sections.

Auto chastened chat, that banned spamming, allows links and accepted admonition would admonition humans that are afterwards some quick info, a quick aggregation or accepted sale.

It is a basal action of any "forum" and one that RS should acquire implemented years ago. Don't even get me started on the OFFLINE MESSAGING that is allegedly so harder to do. (even admitting appealing abundant EVERY added MMO has it).

Thoughts and suggestions? What you are adage does not abode the affair of the fmods, abounding of who absolutely should not be fmods. Although there are a few acceptable ones, a lot of of them, in my opinion, are humorless, boring, out of blow and lock happy.

Other than that, yes, I accede with you. But I absolutely anticipate its too backward for the official forums. The horse has already bolted. No point aggravating to shut the acreage aboideau now.

If Jagex was traveling to advance the forums afresh it should acquire been done years ago. Yet afaik there has not been one cheep out of Jagex apropos a revamped official forum.

I would rather see rs/reddit subdivided up into sections. Discussion, guides, marketplace, association recruitment, etc.

That would at atomic accommodate the aforementioned casework and appearance you are talking about, while befitting out the adeptness of Jmods and Fmods to abridge any discussion..

Suggestion: Scrape out 90 percent of forums. Accomplish use of that amplitude by implementing an in-game mailbox. Breadth we can forward letters to added players, which they will see already they log in.

Engine plan etc etc. Pls do your job. If it was an simple assignment they wouldn't appoint humans to plan there. Or, get the accomplished appointment aggregation to plan on the abutment ancillary of rs3.

It's not about how accessible the forums are at this point if we're accepting honest. At this point, jagex doesn't absolutely affliction for their forums and await on added amusing media for communicating.

Why fix something if a lot of humans don't even use it and a majority is on accession platform. The forums are too far gone to be active aback in my opinion of cheap OSRS gold. It aswell gives jagex added plan which we all apperceive they abhorrence doing.