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RSGoldFast - Revival Arcanists 2

Mar-20-2018 PST

A abbreviate history

FunOrb was a accidental gaming website created by Jagex and got launched on the 27th of February, 2008. It was the company's aboriginal aloft absolution afterwards RuneScape, so if Jagex appear their new project, it saw quite a lot of cartage from the RuneScape amateur base. The website with all of its amateur was a absolute side-distraction for humans whilst they were AFK-skilling in RuneScape, buy OSRS gold so a lot of humans played RuneScape in aggregate with FunOrb. Whilst FunOrb had a deluge of amateur accessible to be played at release, about every bold bootless to abduction the absorption of the majority of humans aggravating it out except for one:

Arcanists. FunOrb had a cable arrangement that was declared to pay the coinss for up befitting and afterlight the website as a whole. This cable arrangement gave you admission to a lot added appearance in the amateur provided, and accustomed you to get added achievements, allowances and admission to even added games.

Unfortunately for Jagex, not abundant humans subscribed to FunOrb, and the website saw a apathetic afterlife starting from the 16th of September, 2010. The website didn't even endure for a year and a bisected afore it died.

The acumen why it died was two-fold: 1. The cable fee didn't absolve all the allowances you accustomed from them, and 2. Jagex absitively not to advance in their a lot of accepted bold which was befitting the absolute boat afloat in the aboriginal place, namely Arcanists.

Arcanists was appear on the aforementioned day as FunOrb was released, and anon became the a lot of played bold on the website. It's a worms-style amateur with a decaying arena. Your attacks were spells that were categorized in altered spell books, like a Book of Flame (that focused on absolute accident and ambience up damaging areas), Book of Cogs (which dealt with account spells and survivability) and abounding added books. The fun allotment of this bold was that you could mix-and-match spells from altered spell books so that you could actualize a circuitous yet simple alternate bold in which action was abundantly important.

The added you played the game, the bigger you accepted its mechanics and the added you could win.

Jagex accustomed its success absolutely aboriginal and added added servers to it, even afterlight the bold alert through-out FunOrb's lifespan. Unfortunately, due to the way the amateur were developed, Arcanists could not be adapted any best because the bold had become too big for the cipher it was accounting in (namely Java). (Side note: I don't apperceive the specifics of why the bold wasn't adapted on further, the moderators kept saying that it couldn't be broadcast any added on the FunOrb forums. If anyone with added adeptness can aggrandize on this, amuse do acquaint us.)

Because of the actuality that Arcanists did not accumulate accepting any new updates, it began to stagnate. Obvious problems with the bold started to actualization up, such as authority pitting (or ELO hell, as some adeptness alarm it), which bedfast with the adeptness to advance added in the game, as acceptable rated amateur gave you a coins alleged wands, which accustomed you to buy added spells so that you could accept a added assorted spell book to play with. Humans became to abdicate the bold as time went on. The actual amateur abject began to acquisition cheats and exploits aural the game, such as the adeptness to become invincible, use baffled spells assorted times in a row or the adeptness to teleport all about the map assorted times per turn. Top cachet achievements such as the "Archmage" accomplishment (which requires 4K rating) became actual simple to get as humans activate means to corruption the ELO arrangement even further.

Currently, Arcanists is a bare bold with about a association to allege off. A lot of of the humans that admired the bold accept abominably confused on and started amphitheatre added games. However, this doesn't beggarly that the bold doesn't still accept abeyant to become a actual acceptable investment for Jagex.

What to do

(1)Mobile and Steam

Steam is the absolute belvedere for Jagex to absolution a new adaptation of Arcanists on. Not abandoned is Steam the a lot of accepted gaming arrangement around, but it aswell makes abiding that new people, who accept never even heard of Arcanists, can get a adventitious to try it out, analyze it and abatement in adulation with it. I ahead it's axiomatic that Steam should the de facto breadth to absolution Arcanists 2 in. Not abandoned that, but the bold is elegant and simple abundant to be played on any Mobile device. Tablets would be the absolute apparatus for a bold like Arcanists, because it's abundantly simple to just jump in for a match, play for 15 minutes, and go on about your day. This bold is the a lot of casual-friendly bold I've anytime accepted to play besides added amateur like HearthStone and Farmville.


The acumen the bold was so accepted to activate with, was because of its absurd gameplay. You had a turn-based action bold in which players acclimated spells from a deluge of spell books to try to defeat the other player. You could play in FFA or aggregation games, and there were a ample array of maps available, anniversary with their own "doomsday" book if the 10th about-face was reached, as to accomplish abiding that amateur didn't end up traveling on always (as sometimes happened to be the case with acutely acceptable players). If you appear to accomplish Arcanists 2, accumulate the capital gameplay elements the same.

(3)Variety of absolute gameplay

Now that we've accustomed that we allegation to accumulate the capital gameplay mechanics in the chase up game, we allegation to attending to the new things that will add even added abyss to the game, so that it allows for added future expansion. Aboriginal of all, the aboriginal bold had 10 altered spell books, anniversary with a audible affair and feel. This is something that can be broadcast on tremendously. A spell book of Rubber, Metal, Wood or Glass, Space, Plasma, etc… The possibilities are endless. Besides books, we can aswell attending at achievements, corrective outfits, maps, bold types (like FFA, team, abduction the flag, etc…), PvP tournaments, etc… Affluence of things to play about with.

(4)Introducing added layers

The bold itself has a actual solid foundation, but still has allowance for aloft growth. There are affluence of idea's actuality that could advice accomplish the bold even added absorbing and addictive, such as a levelling arrangement that unlocks buffs, an absolute affection tree, talents that become accessible if your spell book answers to a specific set of altitude and more. If anyone played Tinker's Construct or Ars Magica 2 on Minecraft, you'll apperceive that the systems acclimated in those mods could be altogether chip in Arcanists 2. A alone amateur advance would plan abundantly able-bodied actuality as well, with accessible rewards accepting angry to it.


It's bright that this bold can be monetized abundantly well. Aboriginal of all, if you amend the cartoon to attending added polished, you could monetize the bold by introducing a ample array of outfits, dyes, weapon skins, pet skins, etc… Accession advantage is to consistently actualize "expansions" for the bold every bisected a year, that would acquaint a few new spell books, alone amateur campaigns or even boodle boxes with big particle furnishings that players can proudly actualization about on the battlegrounds.


To achieve this rather continued post, I would abandoned ambition to say that Arcanists shares an antic bulk of similarities to HearthStone in agreement on uniqueness, accessibility and popularity. Like HearthStone, this bold could become a advancing and arresting accession to the gaming world. The abandoned bold so far that even hardly resembles Arcanists is "Worms", but it can be argued that "Worms" lacks the accessibility and agreeableness that Arcanists has.

Therefor I ambition to accomplish a appeal to Jagex. Amuse accede this idea. I'm accommodating to plan for chargeless for you guys if you acquiesce me, planning the bold out cheap RS gold, authoritative architecture documents, alive out account of mechanics, even advance my own budgetary assets into it. I absolutely accept in this bold and I apperceive in my affection of hearts that it can be an acutely acknowledged game. Amuse accede this appeal from a actual motivated and hopeful Arcanists player.