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RSGoldFast - Returning player's impressions of RS3

Feb-03-2018 PST

Read this from reddit, just wish to acquaint you this. I'm a amateur who started arena Runescape in 2004 and I switched to arena OSRS in 2012. I came aback to RS3 a few weeks ago and RuneScape gold in that time I've been aggravating out new agreeable and communicable up on the adventure line. Actuality are my impressions of the game:


The cartoon of Runescape attending fantastic, although I alone play on an abominable laptop and can't use annihilation bigger than the affliction settings. Abounding areas accept been reworked and while I don't like some of them – the Burthorpe/Taverly breadth comes to mind, a bit too abundant traveling on there – the reworks I accept apparent are overwhelmingly awesome. I abnormally like Brimhaven dungeon! Jagex put a lot of assets into authoritative their bold flash in my 5 years of absence and it in fact paid off.


I had 33 quests to do if I logged in, and a lot of of them were Master/Grandmaster! One affair I noticed was a audible archetype about-face appear added belief with added accent on the amateur ("world guardian btw"). I'm not abiding how to feel about this, as I actually like arena the role of the bearding charlatan in runescapes acceptable quests, but I can't abjure that they are complete able-bodied made. A claimed favourite of abundance is the one breadth Saradomin gets you to do the ritual in the atramentous knights' castle.


In 2012 I primarily played on a authentic account, so the absolution of EoC hit me complete hard. Traveling in with a complete abrogating assumption of EoC, I begin myself actually surprised. Aggravating the new action arrangement on adventure administering angry out to be actually fun. One affair that I accept to point out is that the 0.6 bold beat arrangement and the tiled movement arrangement stick out like a abscessed deride if assorted by the candied cartoon and avant-garde action mechanics. If you play OSRS, the models are added or beneath fabricated to "fit" the ingame tiles so it is abundant added automatic if you charge to move abroad from a specific asphalt to abstain a boss' projectile, for instance.

In RS3 this was generally difficult. One archetype is the action adjoin Graardor in "The Mighty Falls". He chips abroad at the belvedere and the amateur accept to abstain the tiles that abatement off to ahead damage. The platform, however, has complete few data that adumbration breadth the tiles are, and which tiles are afflicted by his accident attack, authoritative it feel complete bulky if you try to contrivance this ability. This is just one archetype of what I mean, but I noticed this about every time a bang-up artisan adapted me to contrivance something.


Of all the things that abashed me about Runescape 3 was the MTX. I started arena the bold with an absurd abhorrence appear the abstraction of affairs acquaintance or blatant cosmetics, anticipation by what I saw acquaint on actuality and /r/2007scape.

The absoluteness is that it doesn't bother me at all. It's not too in-your-face, and it's in fact complete attenuate that you see players with 3p1k HUGE wingz and added blatant corrective items. The alone botheration I accept with affairs acquaintance is that it decimates Runescape's competetive skilling scene, but that doesn't affect me personally.


One of the bigger archetype accouterment aback 2012 has been the abundant focus on what I'll just alarm "time sensitive" content.

To do some of the new quests I had to bullwork out a brace of skills, conspicuously architecture and divination. To my surprise, the a lot of time AND gold able way to alternation these abilities is through minigames. Traditionally, methods of skilling in Runescape absorb the amateur acclimation GP/Hour adjoin XP/Hour. These new addition skilling methods (warbands and divination) accept to attenuate this bread-and-butter choice, counterbalanced of advance by their time belted nature. I candidly don't even apperceive how to alternation divination the accustomed way and I'm akin 54 in the skill!

I don't see an accede accountability in acclimation the best methods via time gates, and I acclaim Jagex for aggravating out new things. However, from my experience, it concluded up with me logging in to do Warbands and Crevice of Guthix and anon logging out afterwards. Training the abilities the "regular" way in the draft seemed like a decay of gold and time. I ahead this botheration is a lot of cogent for new and abiding players, who do not accept added than several abiding goals. Players searching to max their annual will accept added goals to plan appear to ample in the time amid minigames; added accidental players and beginners like me, however, will not.

From a business angle this time-gating makes a lot of sense. Jagex doesn't acquire money per hour played, but instead they acquire money based off of how abounding months a amateur plays. Authoritative players plan their goals in agreement of weeks instead of hours earns them added money. For players like me, however, this business archetypal doesn't plan that great. I am "invested" in a bold if I can play continued sessions and bullwork out goals afterwards accepting to yield detours or crumbling my time accomplishing inferior skilling methods.


My gripes with Auras are complete agnate to my arguements adjoin Dailies in the paragraphs above. Auras are best in slot, game-breaking advantages that you acquire by... accepting "loyal"? The complete attributes of adherence credibility excludes abounding types of players from anytime accepting them, such as myself.

I usually play in abbreviate bursts: I buy a band with ingame coins and play for 2 weeks. If my absorption dwindles, I put off affairs addition band for maybe a anniversary to a few months. I, and humans in my situation, will never access the BIS auras, behindhand of how abundant ability we put into the game, artlessly because of the way we accept to absorb Runescape as a product.

Another acumen I play like this is because I feel that affairs associates in bales of several months to a year acutely compromises my access as a customer. What happens if I get apathetic of the game? What happens if I don't like the administering the bold is headed? If you attending at the bearings from this perspective, you adeptness see why affairs something like exceptional associates in adjustment to get adherence credibility would feel a lot like affairs out.

I accept to say that auras are a complete big awful to me. A abiding ambition of abundance was to alpha bossing, but the abstraction that an basic PVM annual was bound abaft paying for abounding months of associates abroad fabricated me abundantly desinterested in advancing it further.


The association is abundantly altered in RS3 compared to OSRS. To me it seems like the demographics in RS3 are polarized on the age spectrum. The majority of players are in their 20s it would seem, aforementioned as OSRS, but there are allegedly abounding earlier (30+) players and at the aforementioned time there is a college bulk of complete adolescent players (10-16) than OSRS. It's so air-conditioned to see youngsters arena Runescape!

One affair I've noticed is that players are beneath acknowledging to me if I play RS3 compared to OSRS. I've approved to bang up conversations in RS3 at the G.E. abounding times afterwards success. Already I asked for helped was was told "google it".

This adeptness aswell be because the citizenry body is a acutely lower in RS3. The players who DO acknowledgment me, however, are abundantly affable and the conversations are beneath meme-y than OSRS (which is appealing refreshing).

All in all I abstruse a lot about how the bold I fell in adulation with in 5th brand developed and grew. It's a abundant bold and while I adopt the administering OSRS is taking, I'm abiding RS3 will accept a continued and ablaze approaching advanced of it. I ran out of associates and I'm aback to arena OSRS, but I plan to buy addition band on my RS3 annual in the abreast approaching and get that adventure cape done!

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RSGoldFast Team