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RSGoldFast - REMOVE pmod system

Mar-05-2018 PST

What is the point of giving a scattering of players the adeptness to aphasiac added players. There is so abounding incidents of pmod abusing the arrangement to aphasiac others if in fact unnecessary.

Win an altercation adjoin pmod = get muted.

Killed a pmod in the wilderness = get muted.

Talk bad about pmod = get muted.

It doesn't bulk if you win an argument, annihilate a pmod, but if you allocution about and use abrogating animadversion you will get aerial because that's anon adjoin the rules. You shouldn't be afraid about that.

Also there's little acumen to abolish the Pmod arrangement over a few acerb apples. A lot of Pmods are good, but abominably there are a some bad ones, you just will not apprehend about them because no one is traveling to allotment about every acceptable activity a Pmod does.

Also, Pmods accept their uses, but for adept able players their capability goes down. Just because they may be beneath advantageous in affiliation to you and your accompany doesn't beggarly they are abortive to every amateur in the game.

The two subreddits will beef about removing the pmod arrangement every brace of months, usually appropriate afterwards one pmod in accurate is bent adeptness abusing. You never apprehend about the pmods allowance out added players and muting bots because that's their job.

I've met far added pmods who are nice and advice others than aphasiac humans for petty affidavit like OP is announcement about.

Whether or not there are some "good p-mods" in the mix is in fact and in fact irrelevant. The arrangement is anachronistic and ailing advised and the actuality that a few humans corruption it is acumen abundant abandoned to abolish it.

According to Jagex themselves, every P-mod aphasiac is advised by an absolute Jagex agents member, so P-mods themselves serve in actuality aught purpose that isn't already able by the abode and abstain functions.

Removing them would artlessly be acid out the middleman. The "good p-mods" can all get association abettor cachet for all I care, but they should not accept any affectionate of absolute adeptness over added players.

There is never a acceptable acumen to accord players adeptness over anniversary other, whether or not you ahead they're amenable abundant to handle it (and there accept been several instances of P-mods who were demonstrably not amenable abundant to handle it).

I'm ailing of humans arresting an outdated, abortive arrangement just because "some of my accompany are p-mods and they're not that bad".

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