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RSGoldFast - Radical Account to Accompany new Players

Jul-23-2018 PST

I'm traveling to abstain the albatross that is MTX - because we all apperceive the abuse that is accomplishing to the amateur base.

1, Pay anyone like will absence it and added superior youtubers to put calm addition videos (and afresh acquaint them - hard). The videos should be funny, well-done, non-corporate and informative. In bold tutorials are appealing abundant useless. They are consistently arid and anybody just skips accomplished them in every game, bold (correctly) that any able-bodied advised bold can be best up RuneScape gold as you play.

2, Don't be abashed to acquaint the bold with the bulletin that Runescape does not accept an end bold - you will apparently be accepting added fun at boilerplate akin 30 than you will at max level. So abounding humans are conditioned to accept that runescape is hellishly grindy and than MMO's abandoned in actuality activate to get acceptable with end-game agreeable - and so cannot be agitated to even try the bold out. You guys should be adventurous and erect acquaint humans that lower akin accounts apparently accept added fun than the bosses.

3, Rip out a lot of of the UI customisation and Pop-ups for new accounts. Accomplish players go into the settings and about-face that complicated accepting on.

4, Anticipate about ambuscade abroad a lot of of the abilities from new accounts and authoritative (even painfully) simple alleviate quests for the skills. IDK if this applies to abounding but I apperceive humans who see 'too-damned-much' and accord up.

5, The hint/guide/achievement arrangement should be in the anatomy of a big, aureate Catechism mark button in the corner. Joining the bold to be confronted by one 'helpful' popup afterwards addition is abundantly obnoxious. Trust that humans will bang on a admonition button to get some admonition if and if they ambition it.

6, Accomplish a bargain (or free) abandoned amateur Runescape RPG that takes the players through a greatest hits of the runescape quests. Advance it harder on steam. Don't be abashed to name it what it is so that humans don't confused. Call it The Silent Lord: Abandoned Amateur Runescape or something.

7, A claimed plea, as a retiree, put some austere accomplishment into end-game agreeable that has annihilation at all to do with activity action or the absurd but about bottomless bullwork of 120's. Christ I abhorrence bossing.