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RSGoldFast - PvP is not accustomed in EoC

Jul-20-2018 PST

Loyalty Credibility rework hasn't happened, obnoxiously ample pets are still obnoxious, coffer amplitude and presets are too expensive. Afore I continue, here's how I anticipate Jagex is aggravating monetize the game:

1.They advertise accessibility to achievers. Yield for classic : Rune Metrics, added coffer space, added action adeptness bars, added coffer presets, bastion boosters, claiming gems and to a degree, Legendary Pets.

2.They advertise cosmetics aimed appear socializers. This would be your boilerplate corrective override, airing overrides, emblem keys, and so on. This is why they don't accept no-cosmetic worlds (they don't ambition to cheapen whales' purchases).

3.They accept been acceptable about not monetizing aggressive advantages for the a lot of part, allegedly because PvP isn't accustomed in EoC. You could altercate that action auras are a anatomy of pay-to-win, aback you allegation to acquirement premiere bales to allow abundant adherence credibility for all the action auras in a abbreviate time. Aristocratic skilling apparel could abatement into this chic as well.

4.They angular on abject accident aversion. Don't ambition to absence out on accepting assertive cosmetics or new items from an event? Here, pay some money up foreground if you can't allow to bullwork hours on end to 'earn' your goodies. This is how contest like the Afterlife Lotus Training event, and Runepass argue whales to pay up.

5.Anchoring, or in added words, they set a bulk on Runecoins, and products/services (that are paid with Runecoins). and afresh afterwards on accept 'sales' to advance you to accept you are accepting a abundant accord to animate spending. Anticipate about how players commented on the added bulk from the Summer Appropriate because you get added Treasure Hunter Keys.

I mentioned the aloft because it's important to accept their methods in monetizing the bold are advised to either ambush players, or to milk as abundant money out if it as possible. Jagex, I ambition you to see that it is not applicable for a few reasons, one of which is that it is creating a abrogating acumen of MTX in your community. Attending how players will be downvoted or Maddened because they accurate Runepass not too connected ago. Players who avoid added players from spending their money is like adulteration to your game. You will not be acknowledged with MTX as connected as player's accept an absolute attrition to spending added money on your game. The approximate grinds for cosmetics, the big-ticket costs for purchasing presets and auras leave a bad aftertaste in player's mouths.

Monetizing your bold in hopes of alluring whales is traveling to abort in the connected run. What makes you anticipate your bold is traveling to accumulate whales, if the blow of the gaming industry competes for whales? The playerbase is on the decline, and if you accept beneath and beneath players, whales are traveling to be beneath absorbed to absorb money on cosmetics. How will you accomplish your acquirement if the playerbase avalanche beneath 10k, and whales accept migrated to added amateur to appearance off their wealth?

Stop giving players affidavit to appearance MTX as a bad thing. Monetize your bold to ambition the boilerplate player, instead of a whale. I would accept no problems spending an added dollar or two, instead of spending 15$ for one coffer preset. Brainstorm if 90% of your playerbase spent that added dollar purchasing coffer presets, instead of relying on whales authoritative big-ticket purchases. I accept if a lot of things in the bold alone costed a brace dollars at most, the association would be added accepting of it which could advice annual the assurance on whales.

- Change how auras are purchased, abundantly abate the bulk of coffer presets and coffer amplitude boosters. I accept adherence credibility are in abode to animate players to accumulate advancing aback to the game, but that's not traveling to accomplish if players abdicate your game.

- If you ambition to advertise cosmetics, accomplish them accessible anon and stop authoritative players bullwork for it. Accomplish cosmetics for clans. This would advice about-face the association to appearance MTX positively, if they see association associates acquirement cosmetics for their bastion that anybody can enjoy. But don't go abdicate that the alone way to get cosmetics for citadels is through MTX.

- The bold should not be pay-to-win. Stop monetizing the bold by alms BXP, XP, aristocratic skilling apparel and such. Now that aristocratic skilling apparel are in the game, you accept beneath accolade amplitude for approaching skilling content.

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