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RSGoldFast - PvM accessory progression in RuneScape

Feb-08-2018 PST

Lately I've started in actuality extenuative up money from slayer/some GWD2 and I'm borderline as to what to absorb it on exactly. I already accept 95 herb, 95 adoration and I'm extenuative summoning for DXP.

Which leaves weapons/armour. I'm currently appealing abundant just application the GWD1 armour with a aristocratic crossbow for ranged, anarchic agents for abracadabra and RuneScape gold dragon addition carve for melee, and I accept no abstraction how to advancement from this.

I would adulation t90s of course, but they're so big-ticket that I'm not abiding if it's annual advance my armour a bit first. I abandoned accept about 42m adapted now.

I don't apperception which activity appearance I use and plan to blend about in all sorts of top end pvm with this gear.

I awful acclaim all gwd 2 weapons. With 42m you should be able to allow glaives and cywir set. You still accept the lance, but I'd acclaim avaricious a brace of acerbity blades aswell, aback they're so cheap.

With these weapons and ged1 armour you should be able to do a lot of administration with the barring of telos and a few accumulation bosses.

After that alpha extenuative your money for t90 in the activity appearance you use the most. I acclaim either ascensions or drygores first.

Whilst accomplishing this I awful acclaim unlocking invention. With acceptable allowances you will get added dps from a t85 than a t90.

Once you get Yak you can do Araxxor(Possible afterwards but a lot easier with).

Priority for that is Sum -> Torva -> Invention. Torva you will ambition at atomic for chest/legs.

Rax is achievable with DR carve and if you get advantageous you can adeptness the scythe or advertise the leg. Do convenance mode, die a brace of times and accept fun. Sign of lifes are abundant for the aboriginal brace of kills alfresco of convenance mode.

Save for t90 weapons (staff/ascs/scythe) and t80 armour (anima amount or nex). Alleviate apparatus and advantage them as fast as possible. You can get drygores in the beggarly time and accumulate t70 armour to acreage some affray bosses, as dw affray is added dps than 2h anyway.

Stay bright of catchbasin armour (tetsu/sea singer/death lotus) and amalgam armour (anima amount of sliske/war priest/gemstone) as they will do annihilation for you.

99+ apache is a acceptable way to accomplish money, you can do it with the accessory you accept currently. and it shouldnt yield added than a anniversary or two to get.