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RSGoldFast - Positives and Negatives of both IMO

Sep-05-2018 PST

Players who play both OSRS and RS3, what do you like and animosity about OSRS compared to RS3? I am a connected time OSRS amateur and I am analytical about RS3 and adeptness accord it a try. I wish to apperceive your opinions on OSRS though.

Positives (+) and Negatives (-) of both IMO:


+Combat arrangement feels bigger to use, bigger PvM


+AFK-bility of abilities is nice as an engineerman access in college

+Quests are goddamn amazing

+Sheer bulk of content

-Overcomplicated activity arrangement is some regards. Switchscape is a affliction aloft this bold and needs to be dealt with. There's aswell not about abundant alcove weapons, as well. Aggregate is tierscape and there's no 'Barrows' agnate for high levels (unless its an apparatus switch, as declared above).



-Content aridity for about 3 years now, no end in afterimage even as MTX continues to rise

-Insane bulk of GP in game

-The affable compound for RS acclimated to be 5-parts medieval, 2-parts fantasy. The adapted cookbook has RS3 with 10-parts fantasy, 3-parts medieval.

-Community is elitist and if you're not comped, accept a partyhat, and the E-dater actualization you will be shunned/not accustomed into a lot of PvM groups.


+Better economy

+More players


+Better faculty of achievement

+Frequent content

+More alternate dev team

-The cartoon are weird. Old items from absolute 2007 attending like they're fabricated in absolute altered clay software, admitting the newer items attending a lot added abundant and end up searching kinda out of place.

-HORRID XP rates, a lot of abilities are not AFK-able, either

-Poor best for solo-PvM. It's either the agreeable is simple as fuck (Zul'rah/Vorkath) or acutely difficult (Inferno). There is no in-between.

-Community is in fact abounding of meme-ers, trolls, or baneful humans who allegedly run it down mid in LoL if you don't affected their lane. There are some acceptable humans (usually lower-mid level), however.

Overall if you're into PvM/have a job and can't play THAT much, RS3 is allegedly the bigger choice. If you wish an accomplished PvP acquaintance with slower, but added simplistic training methods, OSRS is the bold for you.

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