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RSGoldFast - Please pay absorption to your annual security

Sep-10-2018 PST

Elkenrod ask someting in Reddit: What's the point in accepting an authenticator, or a registered email address, if you're not alerted if either of these things are afflicted if anyone tries to annex your account?

My annual was falsely recovered by anyone in March of this year. I accept never aggregate my annual with anyone, but anyone managed to abide a accretion appeal and change the email abode registered to it anyway. Not abandoned were they able to auspiciously do so, I never accustomed a notification on my email that my Runescape annual was registered to that there was a appeal to change the email address, password, or abolish the authenticator. I was able to antithesis my account, but tonight I acquisition that already afresh I'm clumsy to log into my account, because the email that the annual is registered to has been changed, and that the countersign was changed.

I've been arena this annual for 12 years, and the abridgement of aegis is in actuality upsetting. What's the point in accepting an authenticator if anyone can get into my annual afterwards defective to admission the authenticator code?

What's the point in having a registered email abode if I'm not alerted if an annual accretion appeal has been submitted? I afflicted my email and countersign the aboriginal time this happened, but that acutely didn't admonition any because anyone managed to get into it afresh anyway.

Edit: To clarify, I had all my aegis questions in place. I had an authenticator enabled. My registered email annual did not allotment the aforementioned name as my Runescape account. My registered email annual did not allotment the aforementioned countersign as my Runescape account. I was never alerted on my email either time this has happened that anyone had attempted to antithesis my account, or that my annual had been auspiciously recovered, or that my annual had the email registered to it changed. I was never alerted that my authenticator had been removed, on the accessory I accept the authenticator angry to. How am I declared to assure my annual if all the accessible measures that are in abode to assure my account, don't actually assure it? Even if I get my annual back, what's to stop anyone from just convalescent it again?

Edit 2: Acceptable annual and bad news. The acceptable news: I was able to antithesis my account. The bad news: My annual was hijacked connected abundant ago that the coffer pin was removed, and all my items were sold, and all my untradables had their augments removed and afresh sold. I was met with the bulletin that I had endure logged in 18 canicule ago, so that's that. There's acutely something to be said about me not logging in to accomplish abiding that my annual was safe in the accomplished month, but if you get no emails cogent you that something has happened to your account, that doesn't in actuality cantankerous your mind. I ambition I could advance some little bit of admonition and acquaint others how to accumulate their annual safe, but with accomplishing aggregate possible to accumulate my annual safe, and accepting it still be stolen, there in actuality is no accessible way to accumulate your annual safe. I acknowledge how admiring the comments actuality were, and was abashed to apperceive that I wasn't the abandoned accepting that this happened to with no warning.

A few takeaways from aggregate that happened.

1. If you abide an annual accretion request, your email annual will never be alerted that an annual accretion adventure has been submitted.

2. If you abide an annual accretion request, if you say you no best accept admission to the email annual the Runescape annual is angry to, it in actuality ignores all advice with the email annual your Runescape annual is angry to.

3. If you go to change your Runescape account's email, the above-mentioned email annual will not be alerted. The aboriginal email annual you aboriginal registered your annual with will aswell not be alerted.

4. The authenticator is not asked about at any time during this annual accretion request, it's in actuality bypassed authoritative it 100% abandoned as far as annual aegis goes.

I can't even absorb the anticipation of arena again, or starting over on a new account, because even with accepting the a lot of accessible aegis an annual can have, it wasn't abundant to anticipate anyone from accepting into my account.

I played this bold for 12 years, and it was a big allotment of my childhood. I met priceless accompany who I still am in draft with today on it. And there's no accessible way I can abide to abutment a aggregation that treats aegis in such a lax manner.

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