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RSGoldFast - Osrs has added players than RS3

May-11-2018 PST

This is what every f2p apple looks like in Osrs, lol. The p2p worlds aren't so bad, but in f2p it's a appalling infestation. They badly charge to fix this afore Mobile is released.

If humans analysis RS out and they see this, they're deleting the app.

It's abundantly extraneous that these are F2P worlds; Jagex is attempting to advertise a account and the bots are crippling their adeptness to do that.

It doesn't amount what the P2P bold is like; if the bold makes a abhorrent aboriginal consequence on -to-be new players they'll be turned-off afore they've even absitively whether they like RuneScape or not.

Many will just uninstall the bold afterwards even allurement about it on here.

Remember: anybody starts out as a F2P, and anybody discovers their addiction to RuneScape through F2P.

Who's traveling to pay to become a affiliate of a bold they aren't enjoying, or which seems so riddled with aphorism breakers and bots that they accept the developers just don't care?

I played runescape from 2005 to 2009, and... the bots never fabricated a bad consequence on me. And neither did the RWTers, or accepting lured, or accepting scammed.

Because I didn't blot at the game: adapted stats, abundant barter amount to admission just about any accessory or items I wanted, except phats, and I never cheated. I just wouldn't abatement for the aforementioned ambush twice.

Back then, if you capital to akin up a skill, you had to in actuality do the skilling. And if you capital to merch for gp you had to in actuality do the merching, apperceive prices and apperceive supply/demand. These were abstracted things.

People would ask me how I got 70 prayer, and I would beam and explain how I alive the bones. Yeah, the approved basic that anybody abroad larboard lying around.

Or they would ask me how I fabricated my money, and I would explain how I consistently arrested people's "bsales" or the accepted food for appurtenances or how I would consistently advertise anyone in charge a law rune for 1k gp.

If you actually wish to apperceive what aching runescape, buy RS gold attending no added than the admirable barter and the lodestone network.

Why bother talking to anniversary added in Camelot of you can just telly/buy/sell/telly and repeat?