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RSGoldFast - OSBuddy is a aloft bot client

May-16-2018 PST

As you may know... LOTS of players use OSBuddy to play OSRS (get RS gold). OSBuddy is a aloft bot applicant that has apparent a LOT of discrimination by the Old Academy team.

2-3 Months ago RuneLite exploded in popularity. About 1/4th of the OSRS citizenry use it now. Jagex has now ordered Runelite to shut down.... but not OSBuddy... or 3rd in the chase Konduit.

It is arrant favoritism. OSBuddy has a pro adaptation that they allegation $2 a ages for. Runelite offered most/all of the aforementioned appearance for free. (Which is allotment of why it became so popular)

Runelite was open-source. (Which is what Jagex told Old Academy HD it had to be to exist)

A lot of the affair is Jagex getting absolutely cryptic on this for so long. I've been on osrs aback it relaunched, and I was appealing abashed Orion (OSbuddy then) was acclimated by like bisected the amateur abject aural a year.

Bisected the amateur base.

So at this point I accept annual aegis is the bigger risk, but accept yet to see absolute affidavit of OSbuddy itself scamming people. Accession applicant did get accepted (Runeloader) and become compromised , though.

The acumen for the accomplished backstory is: it's been 5 years afterwards too abundant of a absolute account from jagex aloft "might be best up as a bot, your aegis isn't guaranteed". Obviously it's not acrimonious up anybody as bots or abroad bisected the amateur abject would be compromised.

Within the endure ages or two, they aboveboard said in a QnA beck they are "Working in an official account on 3rd affair clients, stop allurement us."

Fast advanced to today, and out of the dejected alone runelite is in fact getting told to abolish its services, in a abaft the scenes email. They say absorb claims are the acumen they are accomplishing something, but OSbuddy in fact is authoritative money on their pro adaptation of a applicant for Jagexs game.

Tl;dr - afterwards 5 years of about complete silence, jagex decides to ambition the accessible antecedent applicant over the one that's been charging a cable account for a client.

Also a lot of the casework audience action are built-in to rs3 at this point and are appealing huge helps.

Has anyone admitting that maybe the acumen is because it's accessible source? Could be cipher that let's the applicant do what it does that Jagex does not ambition humans seeing.

I just beggarly to say that anybody is jumping down their throats, accusing them of favouritism or some cabal that they yield profits from OSB, if in absoluteness cipher with 2007 runescape firecape but Jagex knows why they ambition it shut down.