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RSGoldFast - One appearance per bold approach per account

Jul-18-2018 PST

It would be actual nice for one annual to be accessible to accept 1 appearance for anniversary bold approach ( 1 normal, 1 ironman and 1 hardcore ironman).

Every added mmo has this, i am one of those players that if i played aback in the day capital to alpha an ironman but never did because of this (creating a new annual is just brainless imo).

I in actuality can't accept how this is not a affair yet, the alone way i see it is because of spaghetti code. For 11$ a ages i anticipate it would be actual fair to accept this.

So what would appear if you had 1 normal, 1 IM and 1 HCIM and you died on your HC?

Like every added mmo beneath the sun, you should be able to annul characters and added characters should be free. In actuality every one of rs's competitors does this, It's fucking industry standard.

My acknowledgment addresses assorted accounts beneath 1 username, not your 1 of anniversary blazon specifically. I anticipate your abstraction is interesting, but what happens if your HCIM dies? What if you ambition to play them both at the aforementioned time?

I pay for 2 Premier Club memberships. I play my 15yr+ capital and an alt I fabricated abreast Xmas 2017 at the aforementioned time, ancillary by side. I'm in actuality in actuality accomplished with this. 100% fine.

Having added than one annual beneath my main/one username would accord me annihilation more. In actuality it would be worse. I'd absorb all that time adopting 2+ accounts and wouldn't be able to accept them duolo calm or money-make at the aforementioned time.

At the moment I duolo GWD2, Dag Kings, Corp Beast, etc, etc. I run quests on the alt and do something afk on the main. We're so advantageous we can do that.

Jagex acclimated to anticipate multi-logging from the aforementioned IP. Jagex accept in actuality afflicted their old rules to acquiesce this. You can now play 50 accounts on one PC if you capital to.

We don't allegation 10 alts beneath one username because every annual gets admission to everything. It works for WoW because anniversary appearance gets to aces like 2 of about abounding abilities there are, and there are specific classes, so they accord you the best to try aggregate out.

In RuneScape we get all the classes and all the skills. I cannot accountability Jagex at all for this. This is in actuality what I ambition from an MMO, and it is in actuality why I've alone anytime approved WoW. Never played it for best than a month.

If we could log into added than one annual beneath one username afresh I'd abutment it, but I anticipate it's ok how it is now. In WoW you can't bifold log any of those accounts and many OSRS gold, so WoW isn't really assault RuneScape in that, IGN read here.