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RSGoldFast - New Polypore Slayer Creature

Jun-23-2018 PST

Based on application the Fomes Fomentarius Polypore augment (aka: blaze fungus, apocryphal blaze fungus, ankle fungus, blaze conk, blaze polypore... you can attending it up on RS gold wikipedia.

The Fomentarius Gargant (or accession name?) would be a new college akin Polypore Animal and college Slayer Level.

This behemoth would be begin in a new sub alcove of the the Polypore dungeon.

In agreement of attributes:

- Standard polypore animal fungal corpuscle attacks and use neem oil to abolish the aftereffect for a while.

- Can alone use abracadabra on it.

- Poisonous application agnate aftereffect to the old Karabwan Adulteration Paste (player takes an afire accident of adulteration rather than a accident over time effect. admitting anti-poison potions/effects still anticipate damage).

- If players use: Blaze Spells, Blood Ancient Magicks or action abilities: combust, dragon breath, smoke tendrils, or sunshine on them, the animal will in actuality bolt blaze and now do a alarming Area of Aftereffect accident (there is a acumen why Fomes Fomentarius is alleged "Tinder Fungus" ... ).

If you accept suggestions for accessible drops besides:

- Flakes to actualize a new T80 amalgam apostle or shield.

- A new T75-80 baton that can aswell casting polypore strike.

- Flakes that can advance Ganodermic armor to a college bank adeptness armor.

- A T75+ polypore themed abracadabra cape.

- A new craftable ring that improves the polypore bang spell to either accomplish it added accurate, college dmg, or adventitious to not abase your polypore agents or polypore armor.