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RSGoldFast - My yield on Solak

Jun-08-2018 PST

My yield on Solak, his problems and abeyant solutions... Let me beginning this by adage I am mainly talking about the Duo mode, which I accept 25 KC in. While I am in actuality not a allotment of the best of the best to buy RS gold, I'd say I am appropriate at PvM.

Solak alien us to a new Vorago-like boss. A bang-up that requires top aggregation coordination, and punishes the accomplished aggregation for mistakes from one. The action breadth is aswell in actuality similar, as are the two timegated phases, one of which accepting a in actuality harder timegate. I ahead Solak has a lot of absolute air-conditioned and absorbing mechanics, I had fun accession them out, the action is challenging, but not frustratingly difficult, his articulation overs are abundant and the best affair of them all: it is chargeless from arresting ambience constraints.

Vorago was one of my admired bosses, and I still ahead its the best that has been advised yet, but of advance it is earlier and a bit outdated, but about still relevant. However, Solak in its accepted accompaniment is bedevilled to not age as able-bodied as Vorago did for a brace reasons.

1) Solak's accepted accomplishment attic is high, but his accomplishment axle is rather low

While it will yield a while for you to get constant in killing Solak, you aswell cannot advance abundant added from there.

Currently, accident affairs absolute little aloft appearance 1. And even in Appearance 1, humans calmly skip the additional blooming circles, and it doesn't get any faster because you cannot analytic annihilate the bane bulk in one rotation. Accident in Appearance 2 does not bulk at all (will be afflicted on Monday - searching advanced to it!) and in duos, killing Erethdor in P3 is NOT annual it. It adeptness be possibly to annihilate him 1-2 glyphs early, but I ahead humans assured that it is not annual the added accomplishment at all. Lastly, in P4, the circling is mostly set - one accepting tries his best to survive, the added one(s) basin out as abundant accident as accessible while basically accepting to accord with no mechanics. Unless I am administering something I don't ahead this appearance will get optimized a lot further. Compare this to Vorago's P5, breadth humans acclimatized and optimized their strat for ages, because there was allowance for it.

So while there are in actuality improvements to be fabricated apropos aliment useage and optimal arresting rotations, the accomplishment axle can alone get a lot college if accident matters, but currently Revo++ is able to accommodated the accident requirements.

Just attending at AOD, breadth we had ~6-7 minute kills on release, and the times went as low as beneath 3 minutes! With the accepted fight, there is in actuality no way that Solak will be cut from a ~16 minute annihilate to an ~8 minute kill, no bulk the optimizations.

2) The action requires a lot of absorption and crumbling kills is absolute backbreaking and frustrating

Currently, the action is mostly ample out, but due to the timegates and the immense breadth of the fight, you can lose a lot of time with a individual mistake. Solak doesn't absolve mistakes absolute well. Rooting anyone P1 kills them, miscoordination P2 will advance to deaths, and if the apperception catchbasin in P4 somehow fucks up, the annihilate is absent absolute quickly. Therefore, in acclimation to abstain this, you accept to be concentrated and focused for the accomplished fight, which does get backbreaking because the annihilate length.

Compare this to AOD, breadth humans can save a annihilate if anyone fucks up and accident kills isn't about as punishing. Compare it to Rots, breadth its an acute action for bisected a minute, afresh you get to badinage about in tunnels.

Compare it to Rago, breadth P2 and 4 accept low afterlife abeyant and mistakes are still forgiven.

Now, accession bang-up that requires top absorption and punishes mistakes absolute harder is Telos. Why do humans adore Telos? Because it has an acutely top accomplishment axle that adapts to the amateur with the enrage mechanic, it armament you to use about every adeptness in your book, you can consistently get bigger and acceleration up the action and it is appropriately advantageous for its difficulty. Which brings me to my last, but apparently a lot of important point...

3) Solak in his accepted accompaniment appears to be a bad moneymaker

I am basing this on what we apperceive (approximate accepted value, accepted attenuate prices) and some assumptions (droprate). My algebraic isn't the greatest, be warned.

I will be bold that the droprate of rares is bent per amateur (just as AOD, bare the actuality that the attenuate bead bulk stays the aforementioned per annihilate even if humans die) and the aforementioned in 7 mans and duos. If it was per annihilate (1/40 behindhand of bulk of players), Duos and 7mans would charge to accept seperate droprates, or Duo would be decidedly college money per hour than 7mans.

Now, a lot of assumptions I've heard is a accepted 1/40 droprate per kill, which equals to 1/280 adventitious for anniversary player. That would accomplish a crossbow 1/140 for Duo kills, bold aforementioned droprate. Accepted crossbow bulk (average of mainhand and offhand, June 07, 11 Gametime) is 1.35b and has been rapidly dropping. 7man teams get 4 kills per hour, which agency a crossbow breach every ten hours. That would according a 192m breach every 10 hrs, so 19.2m per hour from crossbows. The boilerplate accepted boodle is ~1m (and that is acceptable assumption). We aswell accept to accede that grimoire seems to be a bit added accepted than crossbows, so say you get get one every 7 hours. At 200m (last pc I heard) that agency it is a 28.5m breach every 7 hours, which equals to 4m an hour from grimoires. In conclusion, my potato algebraic gets an boilerplate of 27.2m an hour for 7mans.

Taking the 1/140 droprate for crossbows to Duos, at 3.5 kills an hour it will yield 40 hours for a crossbow split, at accepted prices 675m. That equals about 17m per hour from crossbows, add 3.5m for aliment and afresh a grimoire breach (100m) every 30 hrs we acreage at about 23m per hour in Duos.

I am behindhand Merethiels Stave and Purple Mushroom drops as they assume to be absolute attenuate and it is harder to accomplish an acceptance about them.

Now of course, these ethics don't assume too bad. They are aloft Araxxor, approved Nex, Rots, Rago and decidedly aloft GWD2. But you accept to accumulate in mind, we are about two weeks in and crossbows are already rapidly declining.

This is apparently because Ranged is a bad appearance at the moment. Added administration accept been complete coffer for weeks afterwards their releases. Rago is a compareable boss, Seismics were aloft max banknote for weeks and retained an abundantly top bulk for two years afterwards release. They akin abreast affair hat prices. Added importantly, Solak is absolute difficult but still cannot even adeptness the money that the abundant easier AoD makes you per hour. Telos is appropriately enjoyable, and if you are acceptable at it, you accomplish amateur the money of Solak.

4) Cessation and abeyant solutions

This column hopefully categorical some key problems with Solak in an barefaced and hopefully fair way. I do ambition to accent afresh that this bang-up has a lot of acceptable things traveling for it, but I just ahead it needs some important adjustments to angle the analysis of time. Accessible solutions include:

- Buff the boilerplate accepted bulk to atleast two mil.

- Buff Erethdor's grimoire so it is a top bulk annual for a continued time.

- Add accession attenuate drop, potentially an adeptness album or an untradeable, desireable item.

- Acceleration up the action to accomplish it added satisfying. This includes nerfing Erethdor's HP in P3 for Duos, authoritative the bane bulk on P1 able to be dead in one circling if done right. P2 will get an acclimation on Monday, we will see how that will plan out on annihilate speeds. All of these will acquiesce for added optimizations and will animate humans to use Titans and accident auras.

If you apparent with me until this point, acknowledge you for reading.