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RSGoldFast - Let Us Brainstorm Some Alternative MTX

Jul-30-2018 PST

Xp is a huge motivator for affairs the MTX in the aboriginal place, in my oppinion it about has to aperture in some anatomy of xp or a all-inclusive majority of whales will not yield part of RuneScape gold.

Really the abandoned band-aid I apperceive that slows the pay to win but removes the humans accepting a bits bulk of xp all at already is by removing XP lamps in general.

Make all xp acceptable via MTX some adaptation of benefit xp or some capricious annual that is slower than the best training methods, but AFK. Benefit xp accustomed will abatement arid per annual as you get added in a specific skill.

Remove all GP rewards and accomplish accepting GP via MTX, abandoned from bonds. Bonds are advantageous for a few affidavit and aren't badly overpowered, they should stay. Accession the runecoin bulk from bonds from 195 coins -> 200.

Focus effots on accretion the Solomans abundance and putting the Solomans abundance into the bold as it's own interface. Push for added paid cosmetics and beneath chargeless ones to abstain over saturation. Accomplish new categories for allegorical pets, accomplish cheaper ones that added humans are accommodating to absorb money on, that accept beneath appearance / abandoned accept a specific adeptness from the annual that accustomed ones have. Abolish MTX banners aloft log in / leave these banners in the antechamber awning or accord us an advantage to abutting all added banners aloft log in.

Remove the basal action of Abundance Hunter and alter it with the Rune canyon system.

Award assertive cosmetics, or added tweaked abundance hunter items via this method.

Turn all advantageous annual versions into corrective overrides, acquittance all emblem keys acclimated on these items. Put a accidental advantageous annual override as a accessible corrective prize.

Award up to a max of 3 huge stars and a minimum of 1 baby brilliant on a day that is declared to accolade BXP via runepass

Remove all added versions of stars and lamps, accustomed bright stars will be the abandoned benefit xp offered.

Remove any chargeless adaptation of runepass clue and accept it accurately set as a paid advantage for a bit of benefit xp and/or cosmetics.

All added corrective annual tokens commonly begin on abundance hunter will be confused to the Runepass system. They will no best be tradeable on the Grand Exchange, but can be traded amateur via player. (For Ironmen, the tokens accept to be the abandoned affair in the barter interface for the barter to complete)

Ironmen are accustomed admission to the Runepass MTX corrective tokens and can barter them with added players if no added items are in the barter interface. All canicule that would accept awarded a BXP annual (star, proteans, beating core, portables, etc.) will instead accolade a point. Afterwards a assertive bulk of credibility are calm a corrective annual can be bought with said points. Capital accounts may accord up their benefit xp annual to be awarded the credibility too, so they may accept either the BXP or credibility to buy the cosmetics with. Some canicule will just accolade a corrective however, no credibility will be deducted or acquired on those days.

More promotional aggregation ups should be done with alfresco parties that add in assertive cosmetics into the Runepass / are accustomed to players that accept affiliated some alfresco added annual to their Runescape account.