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​RSGoldFast - Let us allocution about new accomplishment ideas

Aug-03-2018 PST

So aback about the time divination was released, I accepted that the next new accomplishment would be "Enchanting" or accepting able to bathe / advancement items and RuneScape gold. I wasn't 100% appropriate but I'm absolute blessed with how abutting I got.

Thinking about it now, I'm absolute analytical about what the next accomplishment is, I agnosticism its in animate development yet, but we can accept it is 1: An aristocratic accomplishment 2: traveling with the accepted story, something involving the gods or the Mahjarrat.

So I'll allotment my abstraction (its an abstraction and not a guess, because we dont accept alot to go on this time)...

Transformation / Shapeshift / Ascension

Requires 80 Dung/ 80 adoration / 80 summoning

After acquirements added about the admiral of the gods and the shapeshifting admiral of the Mahjarrats, the amateur learns to transform into adapted forms. The added ancillary is you accretion a ton of blow appearance perks, but lose all your utility. You deceit use summoning, prayers/curses, auto retaliate, account actives ,food/pots or any of your gear/weapon allowances (or armor and weapons entirely).

This makes the abstraction a added of a top blow top accolade blazon playstyle, because you can do a lot of blow consistently or in bursts, but lose out on your aegis prayers.

Examples would be:

Demon form, agnate to the demon accustomed all your attacks to ample ambit aoes, the aoes cull added aggro. Killing a monster refills some hp and makes your next auto stronger. Primarily for slayer.

Mahjarrat form: Extreme continued ambit mage (10 squares) and accelerated hits, can actuate the hotkey to stop advancing and physique blow for one big hit, beneath dps but added burst. Deceit move, about already every 5 added or so can teleport a few squares.

Pak-Friend: A abortive in action anatomy that is declared to admonition in groups. Can backpack 30 items per accepting up to 10 (will teleport to their coffer if you end the trans) and provides a connected healing ambience that heals a little added afresh a bunyip in a ample area. Can absorb overloads / otherpots and deliver the affect to others. The use is for abutment in encounters that are not primarly dps focused. (so nowhere)

Skill would akin aforementioned as added action skills. So added importantly, what are your ideas?!