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RSGoldFast - Just accretion tiers in the future


RSGoldFast - Just accretion tiers in the future

Can we get added aberration in weapons instead of just accretion tiers in the future? Passives and Appropriate Attacks accept so abundant potential of RuneScape gold!

I accept the approaching of new accessory drops should be Sidegrades - weapons and accessory that accept altered appropriate attacks and acquiescent abilities that aren't consistently advantageous everywhere.

We can't just accumulate accretion tiers, there is traveling to be a point breadth we will never absence and hit the accident cap of 12,000 on every individual adeptness if we abide down this alley of beeline upgrades.

While we currently accept a scattering of these niche, sidegrade blazon weapons they are rarely acclimated because accurateness is acute in action situations.

While I don't accept any suggestions for any such weapons, I accept development of these types of weapons is traveling to become a call afterwards Solak's absolution with the final Tier 92 weapon.

All Noxious Weapons accept a appropriate advance that reflects some damage. This has abeyant to be in actuality cool, but it's never acclimated in it's accepted state.

Ranged has:

- Decimation, with a appropriate advance costing 50% adrenaline, axis all your abilities into 3x3 AOE for 10 seconds.

- Wyvern Crossbow, congenital "poison" DOT that ramps up over time. If you absence for three abnormal the DOT is cleared.

- Hexhunter bow, ambidextrous added accident atrophy added accurateness to mage users.

- Mechanised Chincompas, which accomplish ALL your abilities 3x3 AOE but they are alone T75.

Melee has:

- Scythe/Halberds, accretion advance ambit by 1 square.

- Zaros Godsword, appropriate advance gives you a 3x3 aboveboard that increases your accident dealt and deals a baby DOT if your ambition stands in the area. Melee agnate to Sunshine and Death's Swiftness.

- Annihilation, appropriate advance gives you a acquiescent that lasts for 30 seconds, giving you accretion accident per stack, the assemblage caps out at 20% added damage. One assemblage is acquired per attack. Stacks are austere if you absence or afterwards 30 seconds.

- Ripper Claws, ambidextrous added accident to your ambition if they are beneath 50% health.

- Statius's Warhammer, appropriate advance that decreases your target's defence as able-bodied as increases their affection (the adventitious that you hit, college affection = bigger hit chance).

Magic has:

- Obliteration, with a appropriate advance that behindhand any healing your ambition incurs at the top bulk of 100% adrenaline.

- Zuriel's Staff, with a appropriate advance that decreases your target's advance dispatch (by an bush amount, and adrenaline accretion if applicable).

- Camel Staff, acquiescent that abatement target's accurateness and deals a baby DOT.

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