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RSGoldFast - Jagex will do this the appropriate way


RSGoldFast - Jagex will do this the appropriate way

I'm traveling to vote Yes for 120 tomorrow, RuneScape gold but I'm accomplishing it beneath the condition/hope that Jagex will do this the appropriate way, like:

- Two new BoBs, maybe the college one of which could access the aforementioned as the lower but aswell access your abject account space.

- One or two new aspect BoBs.

- Two-Four new skilling familiars.

- Two new action familiars per style, maybe one backbone and one arresting for anniversary style.

- All new familiars should appear from NEW apache monsters that ample in the blow of the gaps in 99-120 Slayer.

- New pets from 100-120.

- To facilitate the new Apache monsters, Jagex should add a new Apache adept for 99 and a new one for 110 (examples: Aristocratic Kuradal set that requires 99 Apache and 130 combat; new apache adept or appearance for 110 and 138 combat); tbfh this should've been done if 120 Apache was appear to activate with, but this is a adventitious to absolute the antecedent mistake.

Basically, I ambition 120 Summoning to be abounding out while aswell bushing out 120 Slayer, and potentially abacus familiars that will admonition leveling in action and added abilities to achieve it easier for approaching transitions to 120 in those skills.

Spitball number: 90% 70% of the familiars are outdated. Lots of bare action familiars. Or low affiliated familiars that aren't in fact account accessing, and accept to be just there for the account of it. Evil turnip, albino rat, fire, ice and moss titans, minotaurs, behemothic chincompa, etc.

One abode I acquisition the Yak's annal account is GWD1 for befitting all your capital drops, but is GWD1 in fact lvl 96 sum worthy? Humans accompany nihils or titans to a fight, about bobs are for acceptable and practice, yet you can get a nihil at a lower affiliated than a yak. The bold has changed, the beam was raised.

They either "redo", antithesis the accomplishment uptodate and achieve it accessible, or we bullwork ~90m of summoning xp.

Why would you bullwork to like, 106, 110, or 101 summoning, for a skilling accustomed (if the case anytime happens)?... You'll acceptable be 99 in their admired skilling abilities afore you alleviate the familiars through summoning.

Not every accustomed needs to be reshuffled, just move down some of them, not the complete list. Skilling familiars acquire lower requirements than action familiars, as you said, they're counterbalanced and ill-fitted for their admired levels, if not mildly.

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