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RSGoldFast - Jagex has bootless with a few too abounding updates

Apr-25-2018 PST

Jagex, if you wish to put a stop to this aeon of updates breaking things, and accepting amaranthine complaints about said torn things, afore it gets too far afield RuneScape gold, do the following:

- No added annual updates.

- Absolution bits if it's ready, not if players apprehend it to be released.

If you're in actuality into this 'weekly dialogue' thing, just do developer affidavit anniversary week, arch up to a big update. Every week, column a little blog/article about your advance on NewUpdateX.

"Oh, yeah, this new corrective looks radical. admit annual And we just accomplished the bang-up action for NewQuestA, and are 50% done with the chat for NewQuestB. We haven't started WhateverTheFuck, but we'll get on that as anon as NewQuestB is all finished."

Players eat that bits up like candy.

Flesh that out as MUCH as possible, and THEN absolution it properly, IN PLACE OF one of the annual posts... and boom, players be like, "Holy balls, you gaiz, this amend so kewl. Didn't even apperceive it was coming. SO HAPPAY."

Guarantee you will not accept so abounding problems with anniversary amend this way.

You're the developers. We apperceive nothing. Annual is acutely too hard. (And I don't accusation you - I can almost get up for plan in the morning a lot of days.) Just like, be reasonable with yourselves, yeah?

It's all about the advertising and business today. Jagex has bootless with a few too abounding updates the abide month, afterwards they had a abundant band going. QA apparently did what they could. It just wasn't enough.

Why I accept no idea, but to artlessly accusation them if it may be a adeptness botheration is unfair.

It just seems like too little time to do what they charge to do. If you see 'patches' breaking things, it credibility to either a abridgement of time for able above control, or simple apathy for activity programming.

I'd like to anticipate Jagex isn't a bitch, though, and they're artlessly putting too abundant burden on themselves. They've been accomplishing this a while, afterwards all.

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