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RSGoldFast: Is RS Steam Deck Compatible

Jun-07-2024 PST

Rune Scape, Jagex's iconic MMORPG, has been a staple in the gaming world for over 22 years. With its rich history and a vast, engaging world, RS has captivated millions of players around the globe. As gaming platforms continue to evolve, the question on many players' minds is whether RuneScape is compatible with the latest handheld gaming device, the Steam Deck. The answer is a resounding yes—running RS on the Steam Deck is not only possible but also straightforward and enjoyable.

The Enduring Appeal of RuneScape

RuneScape launched in January 2001, quickly amassing a large and dedicated player base. Set in the medieval fantasy world of Gielinor, the game offers a mix of quests, monster battles, and player interactions. Its unique blend of PvE (Player vs. Environment) and PvP (Player vs. Player) activities appeals to a broad audience, ensuring its longevity.

The game has evolved significantly over the years, leading to the development of two main versions: RuneScape 3 (the modern version) and Old School RuneScape (OSRS), which maintains the game's 2007 state. Both versions continue to receive regular updates, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging for both new and veteran players.

Steam Deck: A New Era of Handheld Gaming

The Steam Deck, developed by Valve, is a groundbreaking handheld gaming device designed to bring the full PC gaming experience to a portable format. It features a powerful AMD APU, a 7-inch touchscreen, and controls reminiscent of modern gaming consoles. Its ability to run a wide array of Steam games has made it an attractive option for gamers who wish to enjoy their favorite titles on the go.

RuneScape on the Steam Deck: Compatibility and Performance

Is RuneScape Steam Deck Compatible?

Yes, RuneScape is compatible with the Steam Deck. The game holds a ‘Playable' rating from Valve, meaning it runs well on the device with only minor issues. This compatibility extends to both RuneScape 3 and Old School RuneScape.

Why Not ‘Verified'?

Valve's rating system for the Steam Deck includes ‘Verified,' ‘Playable,' and ‘Unsupported' categories. A ‘Verified' rating indicates that a game runs flawlessly on the Steam Deck without any issues. While RuneScape is certainly playable, there are two minor factors preventing it from achieving the ‘Verified' status:

On-Screen Keyboard Activation: Players need to manually activate the on-screen keyboard to enter text in-game. This is a minor inconvenience but does not significantly impact the overall gameplay experience.

Controller Icons: Occasionally, the game may display mouse, keyboard, or non-Steam Deck controller icons, which can be slightly confusing but do not affect game functionality.

Despite these minor issues, RuneScape remains fully functional and enjoyable on the Steam Deck, offering players the chance to dive into the rich world of Gielinor wherever they go.

Playing RuneScape on the Steam Deck

Installation and Setup

Getting RuneScape up and running on the Steam Deck is a straightforward process:

Install Steam: Ensure that Steam is installed and updated on your Steam Deck.

Search for RuneScape: Use the Steam Store to find either RuneScape 3 or Old School RuneScape.

Download and Install: Once you find the game, download and install it.

Launch and Play: After installation, launch the game. You may need to configure the controls and familiarize yourself with the on-screen keyboard for text entry.

Controls and Interface

The Steam Deck's controls are designed to mimic those of a traditional console, but with the added flexibility of a touchscreen. This hybrid setup works well with RuneScape, allowing for precise control during gameplay. The touchscreen is particularly useful for navigating menus and interacting with the game's interface.


RuneScape is not a particularly demanding game in terms of hardware, making it well-suited for the Steam Deck. The game runs smoothly, and the Steam Deck's hardware handles the graphical requirements without any issues. Whether you are engaging in combat, completing quests, or simply exploring the world, the performance remains stable.

Is RS Steam Deck Compatible

Benefits of Playing RuneScape on the Steam Deck


One of the main advantages of playing RuneScape on the Steam Deck is portability. Being able to take your game on the go and play from virtually anywhere is a game-changer. Whether you are traveling, commuting, or simply lounging at home, the Steam Deck allows you to continue your adventures in Gielinor without being tied to a desktop or laptop.

Space Efficiency

RuneScape doesn't take up much space on the Steam Deck, leaving plenty of room for other games and applications. This efficiency means you don't need to worry about constantly managing storage space or investing in an additional MicroSD card, though having one can always enhance your gaming library.

Seamless Integration

The Steam Deck's integration with Steam allows for seamless updates and access to the Steam community. You can easily connect with friends, join discussions, and access user-generated content without leaving the game. This level of integration enhances the overall gaming experience and keeps you connected to the broader RuneScape community.

The World of Gielinor on the Go

RuneScape's immersive world is filled with wonder and endless questing opportunities. Whether you prefer the modern visuals and features of RuneScape 3 or the nostalgic charm of Old School RuneScape, the Steam Deck offers a new way to experience these beloved games. The game's text dialogue, crucial for understanding character progression and interacting with NPCs during quests, is fully legible on the Steam Deck's screen, ensuring you don't miss any important details.

RuneScape's compatibility with the Steam Deck brings a new level of convenience and enjoyment to this beloved MMORPG. Despite a few minor issues that prevent it from achieving a ‘Verified' rating, the game remains highly playable and offers a smooth experience on Valve's handheld device. The ability to take RuneScape on the go, combined with the Steam Deck's powerful hardware and user-friendly interface, makes for an exciting new way to experience the world of Gielinor. Whether you're a veteran player or new to the game, playing RuneScape on the Steam Deck is a breeze and a testament to the game's enduring appeal.

In summary, RuneScape's seamless integration with the Steam Deck's portable gaming environment means you can enjoy this classic MMORPG wherever life takes you. With its ease of setup, stable performance, and the added benefits of portability and space efficiency, the Steam Deck is an excellent choice for any RuneScape enthusiast. Dive into the adventures of Gielinor anytime, anywhere, and experience the magic of RuneScape like never before.

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