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RSGoldFast - Is Jagex even alert to us

Jun-29-2018 PST

What the hell. Addition antecedent of revenue? As if there isn't enough? The acumen amateur get abroad with these affectionate of acquirement bringers is because the amateur are FREE (RuneScape gold).

This bold costs $11/month to be a member. Now let's attending at added bureau Jagex makes money.

Bonds: $5 gets players in bold banknote (about 17m in-game).

TH: Pay for in bold items, cash, acquaintance and cosmetics.

Runepass: The newest accession to Jagexs income. Pay a annual fee to get cosmetics afterwards TH.

RuneMetrics Pro subscription: $6.99/month to get advice you should be accepting for free.

Wealth evaluator: 1 band ($5) = 14 days, 3 bonds ($15) = perm unlock.

Solomon's Store: Purchase a agglomeration of cosmetics with RuneCoins, purchased with complete money (This aswell includes coffer space. There are over 12k items in the game, and we can abandoned accept 571 of them unless we pay for added space).

Action confined and coffer presets: This is just brainless to accept to pay for.

OSBuddy: A 3rd affair apparatus for Old Academy RuneScape that costs money and some of the funds go to Jagex.

But every amend seems to be fabricated in added of a bustle every time. All of the complete acceptable updates for the bold are accepting delayed by years. With this affectionate of assets couldn't you appoint a bigger team? Or be accommodating to plan harder on the games complete content?

Honestly, I'm aghast added than anything. I've been amphitheatre aback 2006, and I've apparent the bold through asperous times, but at this point it's too much. Already my accepted arch associates ends (which I affliction affairs at this point tbh) afresh I'm abandonment for good.. This kinda says a lot, aback my approved associates bulk is £3.20, and yet I don't even feel that I'm accepting that bulk out of the game, nevermind the £10 or whatever they allegation for new players/accounts.

Some of the affidavit for my accommodation appear with the connected MTX accepting shoved down our throats, even "loyal" players, as listed in your column aloft - but aswell due to a astringent abatement in superior content. Example: The calender. Something that literally no one asked for, so there was no blitz to get it out, yet in fact aggregate was broken.

Elite dungeons are nice, but aswell torn in a way that QA could not accept missed. No section of agreeable for as continued as I can bethink has gone afterwards a hotfix aural the week, or a application ceremony committed to acclimation the blend that was appear - which because their massive revenue, is just insane. Yet, TH agreeable comes out afterwards a hitch. If was the endure TH bug that anyone could abuse? Oh, right.. Never.

Now, action passes? What. The. Fuck.

Literally, a affair acclimated in FREEMIUM games, which gives slight boosts in barter for the cost, and yet actuality we are with Jagex hitching it into the bold ON TOP of membership. It's too much, and I feel afflicted to accomplish a accommodation abandoned 6/7 months into the year, but the game, and the company, is a fucking joke. All criticism seems to be ignored, we're still cat-and-mouse on a fucking aftereffect to the antecedent MTX statement, and annihilation is anytime appear afterwards delay, yet it's still torn as fuck. (Excluding, as mentioned, TH/MTX items). /Rant

As a ancillary note, I could cope with MTX, if it wasn't so arrant and if their approved agreeable still captivated quality, but because their able agreeable is so shit, I'm just done. Fuck this company.