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RSGoldFast - Invest added in RuneScape

Apr-11-2018 PST

As you're planning to 'invest added in RuneScape', can we assuredly get a admirable Abutment system. It's 2018, RuneScape gold and for a aggregation as big and assisting as Jagex, it's still operating as if it's 2007.

Every aloft gaming and online aggregation has Live argument chat, a able congenital ticketing arrangement with threading and cachet buttons, and avant-garde aegis options such as SMS authentication.

Even start-up companies are already alms these options, yet Jagex has been about for over 15 years axis in massive annual profits and still has none.

Where is our associates money going, agreeable aside, let abandoned the massive MTX profits? Why should we be blessed to pay even added if we can't get a satisfactory amateur abutment acquaintance and a avant-garde and solid abutment system?

Social media should never be a capital abutment approach (mostly run by volunteers) and abandoned a added one, and I feel that it's an complete antic that a aggregation of this admeasurement still doesn't accept the appearance mentioned aloft and it doesn't show abundant annual to the players as barter and gives off a action of crisis and unreliability.

Membership bulk hikes should beggarly bigger investments in basement as a antecedence (i.e. added abutment and web aggregation assets and hires).

If you've anytime acclimated and accomplished Blizzard or Discord abutment (or any added big company), you apperceive in fact what I mean, and I achievement Jagex eventually follows suit.

I've never had big annual issues, but I apperceive it'll be an complete daydream to accord with if I do from seeing added amateur experiences. Don't beguile yourself with abstracts and stats into assertive that the accustomed accompaniment is fine. We allegation and deserve avant-garde and better.

They're already able-bodied able to be fair and some of these things Infinity has already mentioned a continued time ago that they're adeptness 'internal testing' or something forth those lines, but as accustomed we apprehend the aforementioned things every year and annihilation in fact happens. It doesn't or shouldn't yield that continued really.

There are no excuses anymore not to accept any of these, and some of them (like SMS authentication) are no-brainers and complete complete in accomplishing - in fact simple and doesn't allegation that abundant 'testing' or anything.

I've credible humans delay several hours or a day even to get their accounts bound sometimes if hacked, which isn't able at all, compared to added companies' abutment systems area you instantly get things bound and they're consistently a amusement to use and accomplish you feel like you're consistently covered and dedicated if annihilation goes wrong, clashing with Jagex area you're consistently afraid because you apperceive you'll be appealing abundant hopeless. I accept a lot of acceptance in added companies' systems due to their reliability, and feel like I accept none in Jagex's.