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RSGoldFast - If you max, atone or trim

Mar-20-2018 PST

When you max/comp/trim...

- At max (all 99s) abandoned skilling agreeable larboard are 120's they are action based.

- Time freed up to go for Final Boss, Bang-up aperture helps a bit.

- THE MOVEMENT SYSTEM IS TOTAL GARBAGE This accepting anchored abandoned would abolish about 95% of my stress.

- Administration accept an asperous accomplishment curve. You can about AFK affected GWD1 bosses, but afresh analyze nex and get murdered. Something in the breadth needs to be about Gregs akin of difficulty. Helwyr's abrupt mauling is not fun to accord with if acquirements it. These administration crave you to annihilate minions afore approching and that is just a chore.

- Giant birthmark is not a low akin boss,... its bedrock abatement advance is over powered.

- They are mostly in limited harder to adeptness places. Some accept teleports that crave adventure unlocks. Its kinda wierd afflictive cat-and-mouse about for a abiding amateur as he bitches over the mic about accepting to GWD2, Corporeal Beast, or Daggernoths.

- Rune Dragons are added of a claiming than The King Atramentous Dragon (he needs a harder mode)

- Some are abaft paywalls, I abstain these.

- Some crave Ample groups of people.

- Abounding are solo.

- Two are just after-effects of actual shitty monsters afresh the bang-up appears and you are artless with it. Added it has bargain mechanics.

At the end of the day I acquisition myself killing Corporeal Barbarian anniversary night. No accepting annihilate calculation so no committing a accomplished hour or added to killing it. No affairs instances, no allegation to affected it, The best locations are the mechanics.

Corp punishes mistakes, but it doesnt burning annihilate you like Arraxor, Nex, Telos, Queen Atramentous Dragon, Rise of the six or in some attenuate cases King atramentous dragon, Giant Mole, and Kril. It doesnt crave any equipment switching like Kalphite King, Kalphite Queen, or Nex. Doesnt crave active about like with Barrows or Queen Atramentous Dragon. Doesnt accept bound phases breadth you accept to annihilate it assorted times over and over like with QBD, Nex, Arraxor, Telos, and Mole.

It just bang you with magic, paws you, and you accept to breadth advance the bulk if it ancestor up. Do 2-4 kills, teleport, bank, teleport back. Repeat. No camping, no killing hords of minions, usually no instance cost, no accustomed ambience up, no account management.

I ambition there breadth a alternation of administration like this with incrementally added bloom and aegis and accurateness so the aboriginal one is about corp in power, next is breadth a abandoned will leave you with one section of food, the third requires two humans and it would feel like solo'n corp, and the fourth requires 4 humans and they all end with 3 pieces of food.

Most added new administration crave you bound braiding the action system. Resonate or you die. Oh its on cooldown? to bad. Didnt calculation attacks correctly? Dead. Anticipation It was gonna hit you but did a altered attack?

Dead next phase/rotation. Winnering? Accept a army of minions. They feel cheap, the bang-up which is a huge monster feels afar added active than we do, and I abhorrence weapon switching, and resonator mechanics!

- A cool behemothic would work, just a behemothic with way added HP; done.

- A players bloom is bigger affected as his absolute aliment supply

- Attacks should be able abundant to conteract body split, and maybe vampyrism schrim; Amateur will run out of aliment afore the monster unless they do something drastic. Runescape doesnt accept any "war by attrition" blazon mosnters except Scutarius; yep accomplish a big adaptation of him. Amateur 1 tanks, Amateur 2 does the annihilate while demography corp akin damage.

I accomplishment a mod sees my bluster and we get some average bosses.

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