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RSGoldFast - I wish to accompany them aback already more

Jul-04-2018 PST

I acclimated to do these but I wish to accompany them aback already more, accord me acknowledgment on Aristocratic Dungeons, this weeks application notes, what you enjoyed and any issues you have. As consistently I'll address up your replies and broadcast them accordingly!

What I've activate enjoyable

Although arresting at times, the administration are actually absorbing for Aristocratic Dungeons. While they can be done with little aliment if their adapted attacks are appropriately mitigated, abortion is decidedly punishing. I acquisition these administration auspicious and not too easy/difficult.

The brand bulk for even accustomed allowance (non-token farming) is satisfactory in accumulation mode.

There is cogent array in NPCs and some of them accept adapted abilities. This makes killing them a little added agreeable as players accept to be alert of these specials.

The basal drops accept fine, as an Ironman I've activate the apprehensive armament bead abominable convenient. Advantageous charms are absolute able admitting and I accept noticed that some of the accessible drops cannot be acquired afterwards them.

The graphics/environments are accomplished and adapted for the setting.

The lore.


Matsuta time-gate. This is arid in accumulation approach and there is no way to acceleration up this allotment of the fight. Consider authoritative the baptize threshers spawn quicker (only in accumulation mode, it is accomplished in solo).

Accomplishing Aristocratic dungeons in a duo is currently pointless. The drops are the aloft as leash but the dungeons yield somewhat longer. Duo should be counterbalanced about amid abandoned and leash with commendations to rewards.

Abandoned approach is awfully aloft to accumulation approach for Ancient scales. This is to such an admeasurement that I don't apperceive why anyone would bother with accumulation approach afterwards 100 kc (for final boss) unless they are clumsy to do abandoned approach or just for the accumulation fun aspect.

The altered drops are banal and there is annihilation to attending advanced to abreast from the pet. Aristocratic dungeons would accept been an accomplished befalling to acquaint some new alcove items (T85 abracadabra gloves, maybe some altered boots/special advance weapons etc).

The alterity amid leash and abandoned for Aristocratic dungeons aswell applies to the pet. Any amateur hunting Kuroryu is far bigger soloing than traveling in a group. Kuroryu is aswell accession attenuate pet that has a non-standard threshold. The actuality that accumulation and abandoned modes accept altered thresholds is yet accession acumen why accumulation approach is unappealing. If the pet aggregate a 300 beginning for group+solo, abounding added players would bullwork accumulation mode.

The aloft issues with accumulation dungeons advance that accumulation approach may become asleep agreeable about quickly. There is little allurement to group, except for "token farming", if abandoned is abundant added appealing.

The Sirenic advancement constitutes a absolute accessory access in armour/damage. T92 armour could accept been fabricated audible from T90 with the accession of a HP accession or set effect, I accept this should be revisited as a achievability for the future. Additionally, allotment not to absolution the abounding Ranged set at already was a poor accommodation in my opinion. Releasing the physique + a set effect/buff to the new Sirenic would access appeal for the scales. Aristocratic alcove #3 could accept actually altered rewards, instead of the Ranged+Magic bodies.


Addict accumulation approach to be added ambrosial about to abandoned approach (improve rewards/standardise pet beginning etc). If this makes accumulation approach too appealing, artlessly accomplish the administration hardly harder to compensate.

Addict accumulation approach (duo) so that it is not a decay of time for players who adopt to just go with 1 added person

Consider abacus some new drops to Aristocratic dungeons so players accept added acumen to be there

Rethink the address in which T92 Sirenic/Tectonic upgrades are accepting alien (legs/helms abandoned vs abounding sets at once)

I adore the abstraction of Aristocratic dungeons and aboveboard achievement of RuneScape gold that it does not die out anytime soon. I accept that the constancy of the agreeable will be assured with some accessory changes.