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RSGoldFast - I've done my fair allotment of time in RS

Aug-29-2018 PST

I adulation me some D&D and I've done my fair allotment of time in Runescape, so goddamn this speaks to me. Been breathing on a homebrew apple abutting to a year now, and I've a acquaintance who's ambience up Curse of Strahd while we delay for Dragon Heist to release (the closing to be run by castigation truly). Not alone accept I (lovingly) baseborn from Runescape quests and characters with wanton abandon, but the soundtrack in actuality motivated some of the aboriginal characters/NPCs I fabricated (Valerio's Song specifically, as appearance background).

We're both traveling with modules at the moment because neither of us accept any acquaintance with DMing, so how's it gone for you? Seems like it can get appealing cutting (or that's just my affection for overthinking talking), so you appear to have any tips to accrue in mind?

One of my appearance is in actuality in fact blanket from RuneScape. Aggregate about him and his backstory is taken from my headcanon for my RSC. Rillah Farstrider, my character's Fremennik name.

I aswell in actuality in fact ran a one-shot alleged "A Soul's Bane", because one of the books, Tome of Foes, has enemies alleged The Angry, The Hungry, The Lonely, and The Lost, and all of that reminded me too abundant of the quest.

And this Saturday I'm breathing a one-shot alleged Banana Bonanza, which is in actuality just a bold of Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza and I've even baseborn the map for it.

As for tips, you just gotta jump in. No bulk of annoyed or annoying is traveling to do anything. If you apperceive what you ambition to do, even if it's a ambiguous idea, just plan on it and go for it. It's a lot of fun to adeptness something for others to play about in, even if it's just one-shots in my case and not something added abiding like a campaign.

Lol I can hardly authority that one adjoin you, because I did about the exact aforementioned thing, accepting fabricated a astrologer aggressive by Asleif from the Fremmenik quests. And there's consistently my angel and Lore Bard, Daeron, because if I'm gonna achieve a metric fuckton of characters, what bigger afflatus than a appearance that's existed for like bisected my life? It may be an ironic/embellished agent but abuse it it's my ironic/embellished surrogate.

Other than a (logically) endgame Xau-Tak/elder god amalgam plot, a few characters actuality and there, and bottomward to the abstraction of accepting a Dwarven nation headed by influential/prominent guilds/companies (i.e. in actuality Keldagrim), I don't think I've had decidedly notable parallels, and I'm blame myself for not accepting anticipation of Soul's Bane afterwards searching through MToF because that's brilliant. I'm the alone one in my amusing amphitheater that actively plays Runescape(more runescape gold in game), so thankfully I can get abroad with these sorts of things. I'll accept to abduct that and anticipate affectionately of you if I do, so cheers.

And I accede the advice and insight. From the alfresco searching in, it in actuality does accept that a lot of of it comes down to overthinking and a bit of 'fear of the unknown', abnormally because the players will not apperceive what's traveling on abaft the scenes and are acceptable to let their imaginations run wild. Bulk any mistakes or gaffs will be calmly overlooked, so I see the argumentation in just defective to jump in, thanks.

Will be nice too already humans alpha breathing on appearance ideas/backstories more. I in actuality adulation allowance them advance characters into in actuality realised annual that they're appreciative of, as able-bodied as acceptance them to feel cogent and accordant by accepting belief accompanying to/caused by NPCs the players knew, events/locations they're complex with, etc, so I'm acquisitive that'll help.