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RSGoldFast - I do not like slayer

Apr-23-2018 PST

I never accepted why it was so abounding peoples favourite "skill". It's declared to be the accomplishment area you apprentice techniques to annihilate difficult to buy RuneScape gold annihilate monsters, as if you don't already apperceive those techniques by accepting a adept in absolute combat skills.

Even if you ambition to say the accomplishment is about acquirements how to annihilate specific creatures, like alive area and how to shoot a hydrix dragon to access its armoured skin, you get no acquaintance for killing accepting off task.

That agency you alone apprentice how to bigger annihilate these things if anyone tells you to annihilate those things.

You can annihilate an abysmal demon off assignment and apparantly you abstruse annihilation about killing an abysmal demon. Sometimes you get a assignment for a monster that has no apache requirement.

I was able to annihilate these things before, how am I magically acquirements techniques to annihilate them now? Accepting a college apache akin doesn't accomplish you bigger at killing accepting either, it just unlocks stuff.

Someone with 120 apache should be way bigger at killing abysmal demons than anyone with 85 slayer, but nope, it makes no difference.

Theres aswell actual little variety, you just accept to run about to places in amid allurement for permission to accretion xp.

Pretty abundant every apache monster afore akin 90+ is a reskinned goblin with added hp and defence. Maybe you use an annual on it at <10% hp.

The college akin ones that do accept mechanics are either asleep afore they spec, accept mechanics that can be ignored, or can be calmly dodged.

Everything abroad is skipped. Speaking of skipping, its the alone accomplishment area you can't accept how to alternation it.

Unless you ambition to pay the apache masters with some air-conditioned adapted coins they just fabricated up and the alone way to get some is by accomplishing their bits tasks like a bondservant because you accept no best so you can maybe try your luck and get a better task.

Maybe. The accomplished affair is a adored shitty aback adventure that charcoal every added MMO cheap RS gold. Yeah I don't like slayer.