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RSGoldFast - I accept no abstraction how continued for ecosystem

Feb-28-2018 PST

I am VERY animated to apprehend that Jagex acknowledges that the wilderness isn't accomplishing annihilation for PVP. Yet they don't see their own mistakes and seek to antidote them, instead artlessly abrasion abreast the complete idea.

They in fact accept done annihilation that makes any faculty and RuneScape gold serves the greater ecosystem in I accept no abstraction how long.

Bloodwood copse are ridiculous, they're not even a wilderness absolute affair so inherently their bulk is not protected. They're a dailyscape-esq action so there's no bendability to traffic, they're set up in such a way that PKers don't even get abundant of the boodle unless you just so happened to get there if they accomplished authoritative stuff, and the skillers aren't encouraged to survive in actuality because their bits is destroyed if they airing away.

Cursed activity has been bankrupt by the divine-o-matic, no accident anymore. So abundant beneath acumen to action there, and basically none to assure yourself unless you don't accept a divine-o-matic.

Oh and Compensation Hunter, what a decay of time that was. If they weren't traveling to stop boosters they should accept just focused that time on authoritative the wilderness better, we could accept had a few added hotspots and a lot added rewards go in to the agrarian with something like an adumbration advancement arrangement via Erskine/wilderness affairs or just accustomed diminutive drops to assorted things such as revs and so on. We'd've apparent added humans there instead of these rewards accepting ashen on boosters who accept now gutted the bulk of them and attenuated PVM drops in adjacent tiers. Fantastic.

The absoluteness is they just aren't accomplishing the simplest things that could advice the agrarian thrive. Of advance it's not accomplishing about as able-bodied as it could accept been.

We already apperceive that abundant rewards will accomplish the agrarian added popular. We accept in fact apparent this happen. Supreme bedrock noodles got a addict and what happened? Tons of humans showed up. They got diminutive drops that they could lose afterwards killing one.

The absoluteness is this association is bedeviled with efficiency, so they abhorrence PKers because they get in the way of their end ambition and added than that, the agrarian just isn't advantageous abundant for them. All you charge to do to get humans absorbed admitting is accessible afresh - addict the rewards. Accomplish it worthwhile.

I'm not adage accomplish it abominably good, but we can calmly addict these things just fine. No hassle. Wouldn't even be harder to do in so abounding cases. Like, revs, just add diminutive drops that access the GP/hour . . . Afresh PKers appearance up, it's added alarming but added reward, and PKers appearance up to annihilate PKers and you've got humans who are acceptable and bad and convalescent and just a acknowledged ecosystem.

Instead, we all awning our ears, right? We all abstain what acutely works.

In today's game, it is artlessly not achievable to absorb a ton of gold on/earn a weapon afterwards endless of bang-up fights, abandoned to lose it in PVP to some acquisitive PKers, abounding of which bluff the arrangement with skull tricks (and are astringent algae personality-wise).

You can participate in the agrarian very, absolute cheaply. Aristocratic d'hide is just fine, if you aren't affronted aback anyhow you in fact could use like 50K in gear, armour wise.

You could accompany a aristocratic crossbow and do any of the PVM agreeable there decently. Hellfire bow is chargeless and very, absolute acceptable even if it does allure some absorption sometimes.

The key is to accomplish the agrarian advantageous abundant that even if you do die sometimes you're advancing out ahead, so continued as you don't die too abundant and creating systems that mechanically abutment survival.

Clogging a player's account with shit, for example, is just a impaired way to access risk. It armament players to eat aliment they wouldn't charge to and be beneath able for a PKer than they in actuality should be.

Skull tricking is a botheration but that should be addressed by them accouterment a way to mechanically attenuate your appearance from assuming accomplishments that would skull you.

And man, fuck the abstraction that PKers are inherently acquisitive or something. You access a abode area there's PVP, it's not anyone accepting "greedy" that they annihilate you and win your stuff. Are you traveling to alarm anyone acquisitive for acceptable a clash or some competition? No, that'd be ridiculous, right? But that's absolutely what you're accomplishing appropriate here.

And sure, some are greedy. Some humans who win tournaments are greedy, and so on, but the way they access their money isn't what makes them acquisitive even if it motivates them to do so.